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B1/Sam (pojazdná dielňa na podvozku Star 660)

B1/Sam - mobile workshop on the chassis of a Star 660 truck.

The vehicle has a 117AV box body and the set includes a P 1.5T trailer. The superstructure is wooden with a metal construction, equipped with four windows on each side. The side auxiliary single-leaf doors are used for entry and exit of the superstructure, the main double-leaf doors are on the rear side of the superstructure.

Weight: 8800 kg (with full equipment)
Max. speed: 60 km/h
Dimensions (length x width x height): 6900 x 2400 x 3080 mm;
Equipment: table drill, double-disc table grinder, hand press, measuring and control devices, lighting set, workshop tools.
The trailer has a PAB-4-3/400 generator, an acetylene welding unit and an air compressor.

B1/Sam (pojazdná dielňa na podvozku Star 660) - B1/Sam

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