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USA - BC-639 (VKV přijímač)

BC-639 (VHF Receiver)

Radio receiver SCR-639

Product of fy. Bendix (since 1943)

Served in the Air Force as a communications receiver, operating in the frequency range 100 - 156 Mc/c (MHz)

For ground installations, it cooperated, for example, with the BC-640 transmitter, (complete mobile transmitting centre SCR-573A) or as the basis of a mobile receiving centre SCR-574A).

It was also the "basis" of a number of VHF radio direction finders - e.g. SCR-575, SCR-634, etc.

The kit was mounted in a standard 483 mm wide rack (Rack 19") and consisted of:

a) Receiver block BC-369A (17,5 kg)
b) Amplifier block BC-686A (16.3 kg)
c) RM-18 control block (8 kg)
d) Rectifier block RA-42A (12 kg)
Total weight 53.8 kg

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