Bell 206 JetRanger

Bell OH-58 Kiowa - přehled verzí

Bell 206 JetRanger - track version[/heading]
YHO-4A / OH-4A - the four-seat lightweight observation helicopter for the U.S. Army, turboshaft engine Allison T63-A-5, defeated the Hughes OH-6A Cayuse; 8 pcs
OH-58A Kiowa - a light observation helicopter, the military version of the Bell 206A; engine Allison T63-A-700; 2270 pcs
COH-58A - the OH-58A for Canada, 74 pcs
OH-58B Kiowa - export version of the OH-58A; 38 pcs
OH-58C Kiowa - upgrading OH-58A with an engine Allison T63-A-720, flat windscreen and other modifications; 438 conversions
OH-58D Kiowa Warrior - light reconnaissance and battle version čtyřlistým rotor, sensor "balls" above the rotor, the engine of the Allison T703-AD-720 and other modifications; 641 conversions
OH-58F Kiowa - a major modernization of the electronics of the OH-58D, 1 conversion
"OH-58X" Kiowa - upgrading with reduced zaměřitelností radar; 1 conversion

TH-57A SeaRanger - training version of the Bell 206A for the U.S. Navy; 40 pcs
TH-57B SeaRanger - training version of the Bell 206B-3, for basic training; 51 pcs
TH-57C SeaRanger - training version of the Bell 206B-3, for training in instrument flight, the ability to carry podvěšený cargo; 89 pcs
TH-57D SeaRanger - the modernization of the TH-57B and C, the "glass" cockpit; 128 conversions
TH-67A Creek - training version of the Bell 206B-3 for the US Army; 213 pcs

206 - company designation for the YHO-4A
206A JetRanger - thoroughly revised civilian variant of the YHO-4A with a new hull, engine Allson 250-C18; 715 pcs
206B JetRanger II - a variant with an engine Allison 250-C20; 1495 pcs
206B-1 Kiowa - military export variant for Australia, engine Allison 250-C20, the rotor as the OH-58A; 56 pcs
206B-2 JetRanger III - modified 206B with an engine Allison 250-C20B
206B-3 JetRanger III - upgrading with an engine Allison 250-C20B, a scaled tail rotor and other minor modifications; 2492 pcs

206L LongRanger - extended variant of the 206B for 5 passengers, engine Allison 250-C20; approx 170 pcs
206L TexasRanger - a multi-purpose military version with the engine of the Allison 250-C30P, the ability to carry a TOW missile; 1 demonstrator
206L-1 LongRanger II - a variant with an engine Allison 250-C28B; approximately 640 pcs
206L-2 LongRanger III - modified 206L-1 engine Allison 250-C30P
a 206L-3 LongRanger III - a variant with an engine Allison 250-C30P, double door and many other minor changes; 612 pcs
206L-4 LongRanger IV - a reinforced transmission system, higher maximum weight; 500+ pcs
206LT TwinRanger - dvomotorová equivalent 206L-4; 13 pcs + conversion
406CS Combat Scout - simplified military export version of OH-58D; 1 demonstrator + 15 pcs for Saudi Arabia

AB.206A JetRanger - license 206A; approx 310 pcs
AB.206A-1 JetRanger - the military version of the AB.206A; approx 180 pcs
AB.206B JetRanger II - license 206B; approx 240 pcs
AB.206B-1 JetRanger II - the military version of the AB.206B; approx 30 pcs
AB.206B-3 JetRanger III - license 206B; approx 180 pcs
AB.206C-1 JetRanger - modernization AB.206A, details unknown
AB.206R JetRanger - Turkish modernization AB.206B-3, details unknown
AB.206L-1 LongRanger II - license 206L-1, probably produced only a few pieces

CH-136 - a later designation of the COH-58A
CH-139 - Bell 206B-3 the canadian armed forces; 14 pcs
CAC CA-32 - the australian license 206B-1

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Bell 206 JetRanger
Bell 206 JetRanger -

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Bel 206B JetRanger III - Prístrojový panel
Bell 206 JetRanger -

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FMTS Halmstad, own photo
Agusta-Bell 206, in Svedsku ozancena as Helicopters 6.
Bell 206 JetRanger -

Bell 206 JetRanger -

Bell 206 JetRanger -

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