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Beaufighters and Operation Crusader - part 1

The operational activities of Beaufighters outside the Home islands are thus somewhat out of the interest of aviation historians and the general reading public. That this is not entirely justified is shown, for example, by the deployment of the 272nd RAF Squadron during Operation Crusader on the North African desert battlefield (Western Desert Air Force) in November and December 1941.

Beaufighters and Operation Crusader - part 2

November 19, 1941. The second day of Operation Crusader , an Allied offensive on the North African battlefield aimed at releasing besieged Tobruk. At the murmur of powerful engines, four Beaufighters Mk.Ic of the 272nd Squadron of the RAF took off from the LG.10 Gerawla field base in the morning at 6.40 am. The weather was unfavorable, as few would have imagined when saying the word "desert."

In the Spanish sky - Bristol Bulldog II

During their career, the Bulldogs II only got into real combat in a single air force, at the very end of their life. A total of eight fighters of this type were sold by Estonia to Republican Spain, in the colors of which biplanes in 1937 intervened in an encounter in the Asturian sky. The predominant nationalist aircraft faced here, including the much more modern machines of the German Legion Condor .



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