Buntar Aerospace Buntar-1

Buntar Aerospace Бунтар-1
Bohdan Sas (Богдан Сас), co-founder and chief product officer of Buntar Aerospace, boasted the features of the new Buntar 1 reconnaissance drone, which is capable of perpendicular takeoff and landing and allows operators to conduct long-range aerial reconnaissance. The Buntar UAV is equipped with a high-quality camera that can be used to obtain information on objects up to 10 km away from the aircraft.
Known data:
- development and production: Buntar Aerospace, Kiev, Ukraine
- weight: not specified
- power unit: 6 electric motors, type not specified
- take-off and landing: VTOL
- flight speed: not specified
- operational and communication radius: 60 km
- range of opto-electronic sensors: 10 km
- flight endurance: 2 hrs.

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Buntar-Aerospace-Buntar-1-t277384#752721 Version : 0
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