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vz. 99 ANTOS
Original title:
Original Name:
vz. 99 ANTOS
VTÚVM (or VOP 026, a division of VTÚVM), Slavičín
Period of production:
Production Period:
Made pieces:
Number of Produced:
a Prototype made:
Prototype Built:
Technical data:
Technical Data:
Fighting weight:
Combat Weight:
<5.3 kg
Shipping weight:
Manoeuvre Weight:
191) kg
60 mm
barrel Length:
Barrel Length:
650 mm
Overall length:
Overall Length:
905 mm
Total width:
Overall Width:
? mm
Overall height:
Overall Height:
? mm
+45 ° - +85 °
360 °
Shipping speed :
Manoeuvre Speed:
- km/h
Used ammunition:
Ammo Used:
60 mm HEF
60 mm HEI
The 60 mm BREAST
60 mm ILL
60 mm ILL IR
60 mm SMK
60 mm TRAIN (JUMP)
Maximum range:
Maximum Range:
1230 m
(minimum range of 80 m)
Rate of fire:
Rate of Fire:
20 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity:
Muzzle Velocity:
User states:
User States:

1) with accessories
Military technical institute, Military technical institute of armament and ammunition
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vz. 99 ANTOS

Lightweight handheld mortar (LRM) vz. 99 is a very light gun with a smooth barrel, designed to destroy live forces, and techniques of the adversary, where it is not possible to hit the direct shooting (the odvrácených slopes, in ravines, etc). Spoušťový mechanism of the weapon allows you to function with a fixed zápalníkem (autoperkuse), or firing using the trigger located in the madle of the mortar. The gun does not have brzdovratné equipment, trojnožku, nor náměrový, odměrový or náklonový mechanism. When firing a gun is only leaning on the ground and the shooter holding it in your hands. The firing of the habitat of the mortar, it is thus possible to establish and cancel very quickly and virtually anywhere. Most of parts is made of strength aluminium alloys, titanium alloys and plastics. The construction contains only necessary number of components, which can be easily dismantled and maintained. Integrated liquid sight clearly displays the distance of shooting. The modular design allows production in a number of variants in terms of features and equipment. The weapon is primarily designed for airborne and special forces.

The weapon was introduced into the armament of the armies of the Czech republic (in 2000, the u 6. special brigade), Jordan (100 mortars from 2010) and Poland (GROM, acquisition took place in 2010, in service since 2011).

Technical-tactical data
The caliber of the weapon (according to STANAG NATO): 60,7 mm

The length of the arms: 905 mm
The length of the barrel: 650 mm

The weight of the weapons: smaller than the 5.3 kg
The weight of the stored container with weapons and accessories: 19 kg

The scope of the mířeného of elevation: 45 - 85°
The scope of the dostřelů established 60 mm ammo (HEF, PR-S, HEI, SmK), the basic refill 0 (+21°C): 80 - 480 m
The scope of the dostřelů established 60 mm ammo (HEF, PR-S, HEI, SmK), full filling 1 (+21°C): 200 - 1 230 m

The maximum operating pressure in barrel: 18 MPa
Temperature range for usage: -30° - +60°C

The method of firing the guns: autoperkusí, triggers on the madle.
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Lehký ruční minomet vz. 99 ANTOS s municí.
CZE - vz. 99 ANTOS (60 mm minomet) -

CZE - vz. 99 ANTOS (60 mm minomet) -

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Shooting from mortars vz. 99 ANTOS of the armaments 601. a group of special forces, 1. a contingent of special forces, operation Enduring freedom, province Uruzgán, Afghanistan, 2006.

Photo: 601. a group of special forces
CZE - vz. 99 ANTOS (60 mm minomet) -

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