CZK - bodák vz. 52 k pušce vz. 52

Spike vz.52 for rifle vz.52, Czechoslovakia

Folding bayonet, permanently attached to the rifle. It was used for vz.52 and vz. 52/57. The bayonet has a straight, double-edged, double-edged blade, passing into a central point.
A non-functional nickel-plated rifle was introduced for the needs of the Honor Troops, which was likewise fitted with a folding bayonet vz.52, but which has been specially modified for these purposes: it has a 75 mm longer blade and a different cut.
The vz.52 bayonet could not logically be carried into service, as it was a fixed part of the rifle, so the VO7 assault knife was used for this purpose.

Jan Šmíd: Czechoslovak bayonets and assault knives after 1945, Strelecká Revue 2/89
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