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vz. 18/47
Originální název:
Original Name:
vz. 18/47
Škoda, Plzeň
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Bojová hmotnost:
Combat Weight:
5588 kg
Přepravní hmotnost:
Manoeuvre Weight:
6550 kg
152 mm
Délka hlavně:
Barrel Length:
4140 mm
Celková délka:
Overall Length:
7620 mm
Celková šířka:
Overall Width:
2282 mm
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
2000 mm
0° - +45 °
60 °
Přepravní rychlost:
Manoeuvre Speed:
25 km/h
Používaná munice:
Ammo Used:
Maximální dostřel:
Maximum Range:
m -
Rychlost střelby:
Rate of Fire:
4 ran/min
Úsťová rychlost:
Muzzle Velocity:
580 m/s -
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
Del-22-34 - 152 mm húfnica vz.18/47, Praha, 1966
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152 mm howitzer vz.18/47

Howitzer vz. 18/47, originally a German 150mm howitzer model 18 modified after the war for Russian ammunition 152mm, the number 47 indicates the year of reconstruction and introduction into service, the letter N then the origin of the weapon, so the 37S is a Soviet weapon in our country called "jaselka" according to its deployment by our artillerymen at Jasla.

I was warned that the letter N for weapons re-drilled to the Soviet caliber was not used due to the fact that the weapon was manufactured in our country (changes made it different) and the weapon was marked only 18/47. Checking from various sources, I found out that I was really wrong in the original post, and therefore I apologize to those I misled. (The excuse for me is not that the designation with (N) appears quite commonly, it is correct without it). The weapon has been used in our army for years.

Tactical-technical characteristics:
Caliber: 152.4 mm
Barrel length: 4140 mm (L/27)
Shipping weight: 6550 kg
Weight in standing position: 5588 kg
Elevation: 0 ° to + 45 °
Measurement: 60 ° (total)
Muzzle velocity: 580 m/s
Bullet weight: 43.5 kg
Range: 15,200 m
Firing rate: 4 rounds/min.
Manufacturer: Škoda Plzeň (designation K8)
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The 152 mm howitzer vz.18/47 is designed for destroying enemy artillery, destroying fortresses and resistant shelters, and shooting down enemy silent objects. It was created by adapting the 150 mm howitzer vz. 18 N to the 152.4 mm calibre so that the same ammunition could be used as for the 152 mm vz.37 howitzer. However, due to the different barrel and receiver design, some restrictions on the use of certain cartridges are necessary.

The Lafette shield protects the operator from the effects of gas from the muzzle brake, from shrapnel from grenades and mines, and from small arms fire.

The 152 mm howitzer is fired using split-shot impact fragmentation shells. The rate of fire is 3-4 rounds per minute.

Howitzer ammunition[/i]:

1. Fragmentation impact grenade čs. 152-OF-KH 37, H 18/47
2. Fragmentation cannon shell OF-540
3. Fragmentation howitzer grenade OF-530
4. O-530A fragmentation howitzer grenade made of steel and aluminium
5. G-530 anti-concrete howitzer shell

Sight vz.34
Gun sight vz.36 Dd 60/64

The Wheel[/i] is designed to transport the howitzer. In the marching position, the wheeled carriage with the lafette forms a four-wheeled chariot. It is attached to the towing vehicle.

Double wheels of the laff : Diameter : 1230 mm - width 140 mm.

Main technical data :

Dimensions in mm :[/i]

Barrel length with muzzle brake and rear barrel : 4140
With muzzle brake and without muzzle brake : 3715
Without muzzle brake and without butt of barrel : 3400
Length of muzzle brake : 618
Length after opening the barrel : 7030
Cannon carriage length (rear barrel) : 7620
Wheel length : 2350

Laffeta [/i]:
Overall width : 2282
Ground clearance : 290
Height of howitzer with lappet shield : 2000

Weight in kg Weight in kg [/i]:

Howitzer in firing position : 5587
Gun carriage with marching gear : 6555
Wheeled ( without equipment ) : 815
Rifle with barrel : 5353
Carbines : 234
Barrel without breech : 1732

The howitzer was transported wheeled in a sling behind a T 111, T 138, etc. truck.

Max. marching speed in km/hr. :
- on the road 25
- in terrain 10

Source : Del-22-34 152 mm howitzer vz.18/47 - ČSLA regulation - Prague 1966


Obrana lidu
Czechoslovak Soldier

CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

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At the end of 1969 there were still 247 152 mm howitzers vz. 18/47.

By comparison, 152 mm howitzers vz. 37 were 80 pieces at that time.

Source :K. Stepanek - P. Minařík Czechoslovak People's Army on the Rhine[/i] - NV Prague 2007
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Dear all,
a colleague Hlavatý here presented a beautiful photograph titled: Two types of húfnic, which clearly shows the characteristic appearance of the captured German howitzers and the form of its post-war modernization:
- cannon with úsťovou the brakes and the shorter the main is the 152 mm howitzer vz. 18/47 (d/27)
- gun without a brake with a longer main is 15 cm howitzer vz. 18N (design caliber 149 mm, d/29,5)

At the end of the forties were the German captured howitzer převrtány to the soviet caliber of 152,4 mm. The designers decided to reduce strain to arms and therefore during the prep was barrel shortened and fitted with dvoukomorovou úsťovou brake. From the captured howitzers, however, were taken almost without change these parts of the weapons: the cradle of the barrel, the upper part of the carriage, brzdovratné equipment, vyvažovače the barrel and the lower part of the carriage (chassis) with a shield. Thus the converted weapon was understood as a new type and was in the army classified as: 152 mm howitzer vz. 18/47. In CSLA served these howitzers, perhaps even in the late eighties..
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152 mm húfnica vz. 18/47 - exhibit Military múzea vo Svidníku.

(©Norbert Mogyorósi).
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At the memorial in Hrabyně
source: own archive
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

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152 mm KH vz.18/47 from the loadout ČSĽA.

Source : the Archive of the Military historical institute in Bratislave.
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) - 152 mm Kanónová húfnica vz. 18/47.

152 mm Kanónová húfnica vz. 18/47.
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In the armament of the Czechoslovak Army.

After the end of the war in 1945, the commander of the artillery of the then Czechoslovak army asked Škoda Plzeň Artillery Works to reconstruct about 200 pieces of the trophy German 150 mm sFH to the calibre 152.4 mm.

In 1948-1955 they formed the basis of the armament of artillery regiments, infantry, rapid and mechanized divisions. Between 1955 and 1966 they were stored in mobilization reserve depots. They were reintroduced into the armament of the artillery and tank divisions in 1967 after overhauls. It is reported that they were still in the armament of the CSLA in the 1980s, when they were replaced by self-propelled howitzers DANA.

The howitzer has a sliding rifled barrel with a horizontal wedge breech. The lappet is double-arm, expandable.

The 152 mm howitzer vz.18/47 is actually a German 150 mm heavy howitzer vz.18 adapted to Soviet ammunition of 152.4 mm caliber so that the same ammunition could be used as for the Soviet 152 mm howitzer vz.37. Due to the different barrel and receiver design, some restrictions in the use of cartridges were therefore inevitable.

Source : HORNÁČEK Drahomír, VHÚ-VHM Piešt'any - Obrana 2011 No.1, p. 26 - ISSN 1336-1910
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

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These howitzers were in the works. regiments of martial motostřeleckých divisions of the western circuit really the end of the 80tých years stored in NZ, along with the T 111. Pity, a nice set of veterans. And complement it motostř. battalions of the OT 810. In the case of the blew. the conflict should it and amer. aggressor risk of it ripping out laughing.

Dear colleague,
I'm allowed to modify the appearance (staff culture) of your work.

Moderator George Tintěra.
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In an antique shop I came across a booklet which is something like "Guide with commentary on the collection". The following text relates to the photograph:

15cm with FH 18 Howitzer 1939 German

A pre war design weighing some 6,5 tons. Max range 12,400m. Was usually towed by a 12t SdKfz 8 Half Track. This gun came from Czech reserves in 1990, having been given to the Czechs by the Russians after the war. Many guns like this were captured from the Germans during their retreat from the Eastern Front and converted to 152mm. It has evidence of bullet and shrapnel damage to the wheels and frame. The muzzle brake is beileved a Soviet modification.

Arriving at Purfleet Dock.

Free translation:

A predvalecna gun weighing about 6,5t with a max range of 12 400m, towed usually by a 12t Sd.kfz 8 half-pass gun. These weapons come from CSLA surplus or reserves, where they came from Soviet sources after the war. A number of these weapons like these were captured from the Germans during their retreat (or retreat fighting) on the Eastern Front and converted to 152mm rounds. The guns bear bullet and shell marks on the wheels and receiver. The muzzle brake is probably Soviet work.

Photographed in Purfleet (I haven't checked if it's a port, town or some local name)

Source: Cobbaton Combat Collection Guide Book, printed by Kingsley Litho, Ilfracombe, Devon circa 1996

PS: as this is a photo from circa 1991, the knowledge then was different to now. On the other hand, many of you have been to a few museums and know that they have many inaccuracies. Sometimes even deliberately, because it was more convenient to list it as German (it is more attractive) than Czechoslovak. But maybe it has improved nowadays. The howitzers can be found in several museums around Britain, as can a number of other pieces of weaponry that were visually attractive or known through propaganda (which hasn't changed).
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) -

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Quote - majortc :

These howitzers were in the works. regiments of combat motorized rifle division of the western circle of really even in the late 80s stored in NZ, along with T-111. Shame, nice set of veterans. And complement it motostř. flags on OT 810. In the case of blowing. the conflict would be with him. and the impression aggressor giggling up a storm.

Otázne is or would be sa on the contrary nepotrhali smiechom czechoslovak and sovietske prvosledové divízie on zmobilizovaných american advances..... Niečo iné su prvosledové, aj mierovo built forces and niečo iné su mobilizačne rozvinované forces, from ktorých drvivá väčšina bola in the period of the cold war vyzbrojovaná technique of prvoledových jednotiek a long time ago vyradenou..
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While it is heavily off topic, but since you are it out in the open...

I think it is musical research server usarmy, where "resi" sberatelske raritky az shit. The other day there resili colors webingu (it is a british name, what's the US?). Just the colors of the excuses (going the right direction) of the belt, squirts, bandaliru, the packaging on the bottles and even nosne remeni 36 and 45. You'd be surprised at what all came out of american tovaren. Try to find it, I have it but I don't remember the address, but pohledam too. So this was this enough to make these vystrelky got nothing to utvarum and the commander of the units of such green-power and from the green-bile kanarky allowed. I guess it would Americanum in Europe good name neudelalo, file the smich.

But at the end of the 80.years of the war was one big joke, if such druhosledove utvary met (if the glade by the first sequence of mel at all, who to meet)..
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Dear colleague "papergeorgi",
I'm missing the point of the debate, that here you're doing. Yet I allow you to thank you for the beautiful photo of the deposit Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre, which currently runs the private Mri. Alan Gosling with friends.

In my opinion, this stored howitzers and other equipment were intended as a backup for the exchange store. Therefore, you cannot expect that after fifteen years they will be howitzers in the same place.

Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre
Centurian Way
Essex RM19 1PE
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) - Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.

Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) - Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.

Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.
CZK - vz. 18/47 (152mm houfnice) - Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.

Via Purfleet Heritage and Military Centre.
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The debate was limited to the konstatovani with one prikladem, nothing vic and nema more umysly with our efforts to cultivate it. At least not in this vlakne.

Otherwise how rikate, howitzers from Purfleet were in different part of the UK and one of the tech mist is this sbirka, to where he applies brozurka:

and also here:
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