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(Not only) Prehistoric fortifications in our territory, part 2

In this next part we must deviate from purely prehistoric fortifications. This is due to the fact that localities that have so far been identified in our territory as the seat of prehistoric cultures were extensively used at the time of the arrival of Slavs to our territory and new fortifications were again erected on the remains of prehistoric cultures. the first princely and royal castles stood on them in the form of strongholds, and on many of them there are castles or their abandoned ruins to this day. So we will try to transfer to the deep past and, if possible, connect it to the present.

Olomouc Fortress - part 1

Few visitors to the center of Olomouc realize that it is located in the middle of the second largest fortress complex in our country.

Prehistoric fortifications in our territory, part 5: La Tène period - Celts

During the last two and a half thousand years, from today to the past, several waves of settlement and the extinction of various cultures have appeared in our territory. These cultures, or perhaps human communities, built fortified places called fortifications in their defense. Today we will look at the oldest documented period, namely the time of the people of the garbage dumps and the Celtic settlement of our country.

The End of Bastion Fortress in Bohemia

In the 18th century, three massive bastion fortresses were built in Bohemia: Hradec Králové ( 1766-1789 ), Terezín ( 1780-1790 ) and Josefov ( 1781-1791 ), whose task was to protect the northwestern border of the Austrian Empire against a possible Prussian invasion. How they fulfilled this task is the content of this article ...






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