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Četník Michal Dlouhý

Michal Dlouhý

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  • Gendarmerie dog Alto

    Service dogs were an important helper of the gendarmerie in the performance of the search service. For this reason, the leader of the service dog and his charge belonged to the systematized state of the gendarmerie search station. The book " Gendarmerie Dog Alto " describes the more than five-year coexistence of gendarme Rudolf Votruba with his own service dog, the German Shepherd " Alto ", the successes and failures of this pair in the fight against law enforcement officers and is the biography of one of the four-legged heroes.

  • Gendarme Josef Bojas - Heroes of Kobylisy

    It was on July 8, 1943, when deputations of gendarmes from the entire so-called protectorate had to arrive at the shooting range in Kobylisy - without weapons - to witness unprecedented heroism and love for the homeland. At the order of the Gestapo, four gendarmes were shot dead for resistance activities against the empire. The crime of the Germans was to be a deterrent to others.

  • Humor Seriously - Book anonnce

    The book The Spiritual Father of the successful television series Michal Dlouhý, entitled Humoresky, seriously introduces readers to how the theme of his own series developed, acquaints with the realities of gendarmerie life on which the author based his series, but became real models for filmmaking. also with the real destinies of the people who became the forerunner of some serial characters. The author's intention is to socially rehabilitate the unjustly forgotten Czechoslovak gendarmerie choir.
    To give you an idea, we present five of the thirty short stories from the book.

  • Medallion - Michal Dlouhy

    " Policeman " Michal Dlouhy. He is the author of several books dealing with the issue of the First Republic gendarmerie. He collaborates with directors Dušan Klein, Jiří Svoboda, but also with other television directors as a professional advisor in the shooting of detective and criminal films. He is the author of the themes of ten parts from the first series " Cetnické humoresky " and an expert advisor in the preparation and filming of the series.

  • The fifth commandment

    The fifth commandment is, "Thou shalt not kill." Violation of the tithe is all the more punishable when the victims of the crime become law enforcement officers. I would like to acquaint the reader with three of the thirty short stories mentioned in the book of the same name describing thirty cases of murders, which were solved by gendarmes in our territory during the interwar period. In all three cases, the victims were their colleagues…


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