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Chmelík, Jaroslav

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29.07.1921 Rabí /
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23.02.2002 Holešov
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pilot 310. perutě RAF
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příslušník Čs. pěšího praporu 11 - Východního
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Jaroslav Chmelik was born on 29. July 1921 in the village of burdock burdock oil is produced no 109 in the district Strakonice peasant Josef Chmelíkovi and his wife Josefa, née Pechandové. He still had three older brothers. After vychození general school began to walk into the real gymnasium in Sušice, which but did not finish. In 1936 he was admitted to the Bata school of work in the Zlin. During his studies he attended and soaring course in the local group of the Masaryk aviation league in Zlín. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia and the start of the 2. world war ii in September 1939 he decided to go to a foreign resistance movement. Because the journey through Poland was no longer a maybe, he decided to travel to France via the Balkans.

22. April 1940, he joined a dangerous journey across Slovakia and Maďarko to Yugoslavia. To 4. June at the French embassy in Belgrade was drafted into the czechoslovak foreign army. There also changed the destination of his journey into the French occupied Syria where traveled in mid-June. After the surrender of France, the czechoslovak soldiers had to resort under the protection of british forces in Palestine.

After the recognition of the czechoslovak government in exile began in August 1940 to shape czechoslovak infantry unit and 1. October 1940 was based the Czechoslovak infantry battalion 11 - east, whose nationality became even Jaroslav Chmelik. At first, the battalion performed guard duty, for the first time he was deployed to combat vichistickým the French 6. July 1941 in Syria. In October 1941 the battalion was moved to the besieged port of Tobruk, where Jaroslav Chmelik participated in the defensive battles.

Day 3. September 1942 to Jaroslav Chmelik has filed an application to the air force. After medical examinations he graduated from the voyages around Africa and on 1. January 1943 sailed into the port Greenock in Scotland. From march 1943 launched a course in aviation theory at the base of the Paingtonu and in mid-may, elementary flight training on two-seat aeroplanes Tiger Moth. From 1. July continued Jaroslav Chmelik in aviation training in Canada. At the airport De Winton flew on airplanes Cornell and Texan.

10. April 1944 he continued his training back in England and after completing operational training on Spitfire was 6. November assigned to the 310. (czechoslovak) squadron RAF to combat activities. At the time 310. squadron carried out primarily to escort bombers during raids over Germany. 22. February 1945 had to Jaroslav Chmelik crash land into the ground in the minefield on the liberated territory in the Netherlands after discontinuation of the engine on his Spitfire. The last sortie done 13. April 1945.

Home Jaroslav Chmelik back in the cockpit of the Spitfire, 13. August 1945, after landing at prague's Ruzyně airport. From October 1945 he served in the Aviation school in Olomouc as instructor on aeroplanes C-6 and C-2, from October 1947 then in a Training squadron in Prague-Kbely. In December 1947 he left the army and began to darn as a pilot for ČSA. In January 1950, Jaroslav Chmelík married miss Gold Štěpánovou, which later together they raised two sons.

In September 1950 he was for political reasons Jaroslav Chmelík of Czechoslovak airlines, sacked and moved with his wife and sons to Holesov. He worked in various businesses in the Kroměříž and in Holešov predominantly in blue-collar occupations. After the political warming in Czechoslovakia in the 60's. years Jaroslav Chmelik in 1966 he returned to flying for CSA, where he worked until 1976, when he retired. In 1991 he was a civic and business rehabilitated and promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel, retired. He died 23. February 2002 in the hospital in Zlín.

For his service in the british royal air force received Čs. war cross 1939, czechoslovak. medal For bravery before the enemy, čs. medal For merit II. instance, čs. military commemorative medals "For service in the czechoslovak army abroad" (with the label the Middle east and the United Kingdom). In the Uk he was awarded the medals The Defence Medal, The 1939-45 Star, The Air Crew Europe Star, Africa Star and War Medal 1939-45.

The Polish army awarded him the medal For participation in the defensive war of 1939 and the Cross of the Polish armed forces 1939-45 label Tobruk. In 2001, Jaroslav Chmelíkovi awarded the Great seal of the city of Holesov.

In 2012, Jaroslav Chmelíkovi unveiled a memorial plaque in his native village of burdock burdock oil is produced. It is listed on the plaque, unveiled on the building 1. elementary school in Holešov, 11. November 2017 members of the RAF, the citizens of Holesov. The life story of Jaroslav Chmelíka are described in detail in the book "Jaroslav Chmelik-From the african desert, over Germany" by collective of authors.

Kolesa, Václav, Cinderella Jaroslav, Horáková Jana: Jaroslav Chmelík - From the deserts of africa over Germany
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