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  • 10,5 cm leichte Feldhaubitze 18

    Development and use of a light howitzer caliber 105 mm.

  • 57mm Gun Motor Carriage T48

    It is the official designation of the self-propelled cannon on the chassis M3A1. The vehicle was delivered to the Allies during World War II on the basis of Land and Lease agreements. The first machines were created by rebuilding the M3A1 half-track in December 1942, a total of 962 T48 self-propelled guns were produced.

  • BVP-1MA

    A modernized variant of the BVP-1 infantry fighting vehicle from the end of the 1990s, which was assumed to form the backbone of mechanized units of the Army of the Czech Republic at the beginning of the new millennium.

  • Division Cannon M 1939 (USV)

    History and facts about the Soviet 76 mm cannon

  • EE-T1 Osório

    The Brazilian tank Osorio, which became the first tank designed by the Brazilian arms industry (the main development was led by Engesa Engenheiros Especializados SA), was developed in two versions EE-T1 and EE-T2. The construction of the first prototype was started in 1984. Due to the lack of interest of its own army and due to lack of interest from abroad, serial production did not begin.

  • G6 (155mm self-propelled howitzer)

    Long-range self-propelled cannon howitzer designed to fight artillery and mortars of the enemy, to silence and destroy the command posts, fire and radio equipment and manpower of the enemy, demolition of permanent defensive structures and field defenses.

  • Machine gun

    Technical description of the mechanism of operation of the machine gun.

  • LAV-300

    Light armored vehicle from Cadillac Cage intended for export to third world countries.

  • Light armored vehicle type 94

    The Type 94 dancer was developed on the basis of the British Carden-Loyd Mark VIB dancer. The development was carried out by the Tokyo Gas company Denki Kokyo (Tokyo Gas and Electric Industry) and the first prototype was completed in 1934. A total of 823 copies were produced, the serial production of which has been running since 1934.

  • Light tank LT vz. 34

    It was actually created as a private initiative of CKD, after the failure of the tank vz. 33. The army accepted it into service and, paradoxically, only then did it issue additional specifications.

  • LTL

    A light tank offered to the Lithuanian army; the only ČKD tank with a drive wheel located at the rear.

  • LVTP-5

    The LVTP-5 (landing vehicle, tracked, personnel 5) is a family of amphibious armored fighting vehicles used by the Philippine Marine Corps and, formerly, the United States Marine Corps. It was designed by the BorgWarner company and built by FMC (Food Machinery Corporation) along with a few other companies. It was first accepted into service in 1956. Some 1,124 basic units were produced, plus the specialist variants, and many saw action in the Vietnam War.

  • M103

    In 1946, the Department of Defense announced the War Department Equipment Review Board program, led by Joseph W. Stilweller, rearmed the US Army with new tanks.

  • OT-64 SKOT

    At the time of its creation, an advanced armored personnel carrier designed by Czechoslovak and Polish industry.

  • Gun Mk. 27

    Self-loading pistol

  • T-72MP

    This variant is one of the most extensive upgrades that have been made to the T-72 series tanks. The initiator and coordinator of the project was PSP BOHEMIA a.s. (Přerov), SAGEM and SFIN cooperated on the fire control system and sensors, the supplier of the modernized chassis and additional armour was the Ukrainian company ChKBM.

  • T30

    The T30 was an American heavy tank developed at the end of World War II. It was supposed to be, like its related tank T29, the American response to the heavy German 70-ton tank Tiger II.

  • TAM

    Between 1974 and 1976, a medium tank with an unusual design was developed by Thyssen Henschel on behalf of Argentina. At that time, a new turret with a German 105mm cannon company Rheinmetall type Rh-105-30 on an improved chassis of a Marder infantry fighting vehicle was used. The Germans marked the tank as TH-301, in Argentina it was named TAM (Tanque Argentino Mediano - Argentine medium tank).

  • Heavy field howitzer 18

    This howitzer was the main artillery weapon of the German medium artillery at the beginning of World War II.

  • Type 89

    The Type 89, also known as the PLZ89, was developed in late 1980s. It was Chinese attempt to develop indigenous self-propelled howitzer with similar capabilities to the Soviet 2S1 Gvosdika.

  • Type 89 (122 mm self-propelled howitzer)

    Since the late 1970s a number of 122 mm self-propelled howitzers were developed in China to meet Chinese Army requirements. The PLA required mobile artillery system to provide medium- to long-range indirect fire support for motorized infantry and armored troops and capable of keeping pace with them. However none of them could meet these requirements. The Type 89, also known as the PLZ89, was developed in late 1980s. It was Chinese attempt to develop indigenous self-propelled howitzer with similar capabilities to the Soviet 2S1 Gvosdika.

  • vz. 70 (122mm rocket launcher)

    Mobile reactive artillery weapon on a modified Tatra 813 chassis using the possibility of firing from its 40 tubes. It is designed to conduct concentrated fire on larger areas of the enemy and the destruction of firepower and combat equipment.


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