Cierva C.30A

Cierva C.30A Cierva C.30A
Originální název:
Original Name:
Cierva C.30A
vírník autogyro
DD.07.1934-DD.MM.193R A. V. Roe & Co. Ltd., Manchester
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
První vzlet:
Maiden Flight:
DD.04.1933 C.30 G-ACFI
Základní charakteristika:
Basic Characteristics:
Uspořádání rotorů:
Rotor Configuration:
jiné uspořádání other configuration
pevný fixed
Přistávací zařízení:
Landing Gear:
kola wheels
Technické údaje:
Technical Data:
Hmotnost prázdného vrtulníku:
Empty Weight:
553 kg 1220 lb
Vzletová hmotnost:
Take-off Weight:
? kg ? lb
Maximální vzletová hmotnost:
Maximum Take-off Weight:
816 kg 1800 lb
Délka s otáčejícími se rotory:
Length with Rotors Turning:
? m ?
Délka trupu:
Fuselage Length:
6.01 m 19ft 8.5in
Šířka trupu:
Fuselage Width:
? m ?
Celková výška:
Overall Height:
3.37 m 11ft 0.75in
Průměr hlavního rotoru:
Main Rotor Diameter:
11.28 m 37ft
Průměr vyrovnávacího rotoru:
Tail Rotor Diameter:
- m -
Plocha disku hlavního rotoru:
Main Rotor Disc Area:
99.89 m2 1075.21 ft2
Plocha disku vyrovnávacího rotoru:
Tail Rotor Disc Area:
- m2 - ft2
pístový piston
Počet motorů:
Number of engines:
Armstrong Genet Major IA o výkonu 104 kW Armstrong Genet Major IA, power 140 hp
Objem palivových nádrží:
Fuel Tank Capacity:
150 l 33 Imp gal
Maximální rychlost:
Maximum Speed:
177 km/h v ? m 110 mph in ? ft
Cestovní rychlost:
Cruise Speed:
152.9 km/h v ? m 95 mph in ? ft
Rychlost stoupání:
Climb Rate:
3.6 m/s 700 ft/min
Statický dostup:
Static Ceiling:
- m - ft
Dynamický dostup:
Dynamic Ceiling:
2438 m 8000 ft
458.7 km 285 mi
Maximální dolet:
Maximum Range:
? km ? mi
Přepravní kapacita:
Transport Capacity:
- -
Výzbroj a vybavení:
Armament and Equipment:
- -
- -
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
(Rota Mk.I)

(Rota Mk.I)


Lioré et Olivier LeO C-30
Focke-Wulf C.30 Heuschrecke

Under licence:
Lioré et Olivier LeO C-30
Focke-Wulf C.30 Heuschrecke
Jackson, A.J. Avro Aircraft since 1908. Putnam Aeronautical Books, London 1990. ISBN 0-85177-834-8.
Thetford, Owen. Aircraft of the Royal Air Force since 1918. Putnam Aeronautical Books, London 1976. ISBN 0-37010-056-5.
Fernandez, Jose. Les autogires la Cierva C.30, Air Magazine 03.
Salajka, Martin: Vírník Cierva C.30, Modelář 1989 / 04
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I will also add one photo (from today from Duxford)
Cierva C.30A  -

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Avro reportedly built 78 of these, 12 of which were delivered to the RAF as Avro Rota Mk.I and these served with 1448 Flight at Duxford, later with 529 Sqn. It was with this Squadron that they flew as calibration machines, in addition to the original 12 Army machines, another 13 originally civilian machines were taken over. Calibration flights were mainly along the south coast.
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This vortex was produced under license by Avro (Avro 671 Rota, 74 pcs), Lioré et Olivier (LeO C-30, 64 pcs) and Focke-Wulf (Fw C.30, 30 pcs).


C.30 - a prototype powered by an Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major I engine (78 kW / 105 hp), built 1 by National Flying Services
C-30P - a pre-production improved variant powered by the Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major IA engine, 4 produced (1 by Airwork Ltd., 3 by Avroú
C-30A - production variant, manufactured by Avro

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Cierva C.30A  -

Cierva C.30A  -

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Duxford Museum, author's archive
Cierva C.30A  -

Cierva C.30A  -

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Cierva C-30A 744 in Czechoslovak Air Force. The machine was ordered and purchased by Ministry of National Defence on the basis of order no.27.239-V/3.odd 1934, dated 25.8.1934, handled by the company A.T.Klement, Fochova 22, no.396, PRAGUE XII. The order was for "1 complete rotorcraft rotor system autogiro de la Cierva model C 30 with Genet Major engine of 135 pcs for 160.625,- CZK".
The machine was flown from England by Maj. Benesch (VTLU).

Its original British matriculation was G-ACXV, in Czechoslovakia it received the overflight matriculation OK-IEA. Flight certificate was issued on 10.1.1935, owner MNO, user MNO Letňany. Flight certificate received 10.10.1935.

The user was Military Technical Aviation Institute (VTLU). In 1936, he flew with the fuselage designation S8 (8S on the right side). He trained with the artillery in June 1936 from the Borek airfield (Malý Bor).

Another whirlwind of this type was operated by Bata. The machine with serial number 739 flew with fuselage matriculation OK-ATS. In the year 06.06.1935 it crashed with Sgt. Karel Brázda at Letňany airport.

Martinec, Jan: Cierva C.30, Vojenské letectvo 2004 / 03

Edit: Janko PALIGA- addition
Cierva C.30A  -

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