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Columbia uprising [1996]


Non-state conflict in Colombia

This text deals with a " brief " description of the situation in Colombia. Brief in scope, because the Colombian problem is very extensive and complex. The work is divided into two basic parts. The first deals with the theoretical definition of the main direction of the conflict, which the authors tried to emphasize in the work. The authors present a definition of non-state conflict and its operationalization. It also seeks to reflect on the problems of defining non-state conflicts and its actors. This section concludes with controversy over the difference between non-state actors and terrorist activity. The second part follows a historical summary and characteristics of the Colombian conflict. The following section deals with the most important actors, a description of the relationships and manifestations of interactions between these subjects, especially during the 1990s and today. And it is by describing the current situation in Colombia that the whole work is closed.
If we want to examine non-state conflict, not only in Colombia, but in any other place, time and situation on this planet, we must first determine what non-state conflict is, what it means, what its signs, manifestations and barriers are.





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