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... and the last was Javoricko

The story of a Moravian village that entered the minds of people in 1945. When, at the very end of World War II, after 6 long years of occupation, the same fate befell her as Lidice and Ležáky in 1942. On May 5, 1945, four days before the arrival of the Red Army, SS units murdered 38 men aged 15 to 75 and burned 32 houses.

Bessarabia 1940-1941

Most of the history knowledgeable people usually associates Russian (Stalinist, Soviet) aggression with the joint invasion of Poland in 1939 in close cooperation with the German Wehrmacht and the subsequent invasion of neutral Finland. However, the violent secession of the northern territory of Romania in June 1940, known as Bessarabia and northern Bukovina, seems to have been the dust of oblivion in our region. But not in a country which, like the Poles, Finns, Lithuanians, Latvians or Estonians, experienced what it means to have the stamped shoes of the Stalinist empire.

Heroes who didn't fit (1)

Originally, it was supposed to be just an article about the unveiling of one memorial plaque. But then it turned out that it would probably be small, even in relation to those who were left with only letters engraved in marble. Remember living, brave people. They don't even have a grave. Their ashes were dumped in the dump of the Mauthausen concentration camp and on roads in the surrounding area. Of course, it is a memorial plaque to 294 heroes of the Heydrich's dead revenge (photo: Jiří Wagner) writing long. Who doesn't want to, don't read it. But everyone should ...

Heroes who didn't fit (2)

In order to best clarify our own history and get rid of all the deposits and propaganda purposeful lies, the study also uses documents created by the "other party" - the Nazis ...

Heroes who didn't fit (3)

After the killing of Heydrich, terror began in the Czech lands that had not been practiced here since the 17th century. However, the Nazis were fundamentally mistaken in assessing its impact. The obsession that Hitler obviously suffered towards the Czech nation and personally towards Beneš led in its political consequences to significantly negative results for the Germans themselves ...

Iranian Schindler - Abdol Sardari

Abdol Hossein Sardari was an Iranian diplomat originally from the royal family who was credited with saving hundreds of Jews. Since then, he has been known as the "Iranian Schindler". Despite his undeniable merits, he died in poverty and oblivion.

The Danish story of the Star of David

The stories of the Jews during the Second world war come often "completely known" and examined to the smallest detail. The deportation and systematic murder of the Jews were enforced by the Nazis, mostly without resistance, perhaps with the exception of a few brave individuals who tried to help the Jews on their own. Yet there is a country that managed defeat the Nazis in the fight for the lives of its Jews. That country is Denmark.

The long fight of Rudolf Vrba

Rudolf Vrba was not just a man who escaped from the Auschwitz concentration camp and told the world the truth about the extermination of Jews there. He was also a man who had a sharp conflict with Israeli Jews after World War II and whose name is still not well known among Jews.

Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto

One of the many questions related to the Holocaust is why the Jews did not defend themselves? Respectively, why did they not show more resistance to the Nazi genocide? For many, it is difficult to understand why, under the circumstances, the Jews did not revolt and show more violent resistance; due to numerical predominance, eg in concentration camps. There are several reasons. On the one hand, it was a deadly crime to help the Jewish population in any way, so it was very difficult to obtain weapons. Furthermore, any manifestation of resistance has resulted in exemplary revenge on a much wider target group than just resistance actors. The absence of armed protests by the Jews was not a matter of moral motives, but rather a consideration of " lesser and greater evil ." Nevertheless, we can find exceptions. One of them is the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, which has become a symbol of national pride and the courage to stand up to an incomparably stronger adversary, despite the slim chance of success.




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