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SMS Emden

1. Birth and first actions Emden and his sister ship Dresden were built to replace obsolete cruisers. Both were named after important German cities, although it was not so clear at Emden. Emden was originally named Ersatz Pfeil as a replacement for the light cruiser SMS Pfeil. The keel of Emden was laid on November 1, 1906 in the Imperial Shipyard in GdaΕ„sk. The name Emden was given to it by the mayor of the same city, Mr. FΓΌrbringer, during the launch ceremony on Tuesday, May 26, 1908. The last German cruiser, which powered the steam engine, came to the water because Dresden already had turbines. Emden officially cost 6.38 million marks.

SMS Emden

2. War Along with Emden, there were 4 gunboats and an older S90 destroyer in the port. One large Cormoran gunboat was just in the dry dock for longer repairs. In the event of war, Emden could not stay in Chingdao because it was clear that Britain would attack the port. In it, Emden would be virtually defenseless without the possibility of maneuvering. Not to mention that British ships had stronger armaments than German ones.

SMS Emden

3. Alone in the Indian Ocean After Emden separated from the rest of the squadron, the most important thing was to get into the Indian Ocean unnoticed. That meant avoiding any ship. At the same time, however, the cruiser had to save coal.

SMS Emden

4. Hunt for Emden After the commander-in-chief of the Eastern Fleet, Jerram, learned of the German cruiser on the night of September 15-16, he immediately launched a search. All traffic was stopped in the Bay of Bengal. The cruiser HMS Hampshire sailed from Singapore in the morning, and a day later the light cruiser HMS Yarmouth. However, on September 18, he had to stop in Pinang due to a failure of the steam condensers. On September 16, the Japanese cruiser Chikuma also set sail. Furthermore, the ships HMS Minotaur and the Japanese battle cruiser Ibuki were prepared.

SMS Emden

5. Fear of British steamers Emden met Markomania exactly as scheduled on September 23 at 5 am. Captain MΓΌller decided to sail west of Ceylon and refuel in the Maldives. At the same time, however, he intended to disrupt shipping west of Colombo. After passing the city of Galla, located on the southwestern tip of Ceylon, at noon, the cruiser saw a ship belonging to the British merchant navy.

SMS Emden

6. Pinang Attack Captain MΓΌller left the waters west of Ceylon and sailed into the Bay of Bengal with an arc around him. Exford, due to low speed, was sent to the rendezvous point 30 miles north of North Keeling Island. The steamer disconnected from Emden and Buresk on October 21. Because the captain intended to surprise the enemy with an attack on Pinang, the crew performed a variety of exercises. None of the crew knew about the attack yet. The crew also practiced fighting with the enemy ship. It was unlikely to escape enemy ships forever. Especially to the British. After the coal transhipment on October 26, Buresk was also sent to a meeting place, which became a site 40 miles west of Simaloer Island. So Emden was left completely alone with a full supply of coal.

SMS Emden

7. The destruction of Emden the following October day, Emden arrived at the meeting place with Buresk and transferred the coal reserves to the cruiser. Captain MΓΌller intended to attack a radio station on Direction Island in the Keeling Archipelago. He wanted to lure some of the enemy forces from around the Bay of Bengal and get rid of the pursuers. After the coal transhipment, Emden sailed towards the Sunda Strait between the islands of Sumatra and Java. He patrolled here until November 5. During this time, he also made an unsuccessful raid into the strait.




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