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Czechoslovak Armed Forces [1945-1950]


Czechoslovaks as foreign legionaries in Indochina

Hot autumn 1950 in Indochina. For many alien legionaries the last in their lives. On September 16, 1950, Vietnamese troops launched a massive offensive aimed at gaining control of the entire territory of Tonkin. The attack began on the main French fortress in this area - Dong Khe, in which many young Czechoslovaks also served.

Father Palec

The founder of the Czechoslovak airborne army gen. Karel Paleček tried to ensure that his units were destined primarily for special operations.

Reflections on the rearmament of Czechoslovak army

On May 14, 1955, an agreement was signed in Warsaw, according to which a military grouping of the Eastern Bloc states was formed, and the then Czechoslovakia also became a member of this power-political instrument of the USSR. This, of course, meant another intervention in the future development of various weapons and weapon systems of domestic origin.



High Command




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