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GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač)

D/F FV 11 (VHF - automatically radio direction-finder)

D/F FV 11
Originální název:
Original Name:
FV 11 V.H.F. Direction Finder
Radionavigační prostředky
Období výroby:
Production Period:
Vyrobeno kusů:
Number of Produced:
Prototyp vyroben:
Prototype Built:
Složení systému:
Composition of System:
1. Hlavní přístrojový panel
2. Antenní jednotka (verze č.2)
3. Výnosný indikátor (verze č.25)
4. Zkušební jednotka
Uživatelské státy:
User States:
Velká Británie
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Automatic VHF sight PV 11

Automatic VHF radio the reticle was designed primarily for use on ships, (or airport stations *) of the Royal navy (Royal Navy).
Frequency range 100 to 156 Mc/s (MHz).
Could work simultaneously on two frequencies.
The basis was a pair of receivers R 1392, in the Royal Navy mark. as a "Receiver Type 62A".

*) For the airport station was designed VHF automatic bombsight PV 10, the main "rack" and the parameters were identical. Differed mainly by the fact that he had for operating rooms or flight control 2 profitable indicators "rack" structure.

To evaluate the orientation ("beam") served indicator "C.R.T Unit 4" diameter x 6" (approximately 12.5 cm).
Outside of the indicator in the custom rack was in the kit and "yielding" set of indicators unit.

Power supply: AC 1x 230 V, 50 - 60 c/s (Hz)
Own sight: 0,65 kW
Profitable indicator: 0,10 kW
Heating in ant. unit: 0,20 kW

Dimensions: (width x depth x height in cm)
The main stand of the reticle: 167 x 109 x 178
So antenna molecules unit: 64 x 64 x 196
Yielding idikátorová unit: 61 x 81 x 86

The main stand of the reticle: 1120 kg
So antenna molecules unit: 90 kg
Yielding idikátorová unit: 170 kg

GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) - (Foto

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so antenna molecules unit - mast with the "head" version of no. 25.

It was structurally somewhat different from the version no 24, used for automatic reticle PV 10.

The "head" so antenna molecules of the unit accounted for:
- 2 pairs of dioplů and "central" element
- 2 balenčních modulators Type 57B
- 2 amplifier Type R/F 43C
- Switch working frequency bands
- Electric heating unit
- Design

GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) -
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That a similar type of automatic VHF radiovévého reticle was used and the Royal air force (Royal Air Force / RAF) is evidenced by the following photos of finding in the vicinity of the airport Exeter.

As was the sight "marked" in the RAF has so far failed to find out.

Photo source:
GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) -

GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) -

GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) -

GBR - D/F FV 11 (VKV - automatický zaměřovač) -

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