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DDG - Kchun-ming (172)

Kunming (172)


Kunming (DDG-172)[/heading:aaaaaa]

Is the initial (essentially a prototype) unit of the eightfold class of destroyers known as the Type 052D. The construction of this unit was launched on 28.08.2012 in the yard Changxingdao-Jiangnan Shipyard (JNCX). On 21.03.2014 was a destroyer named the Kunming officially entered service. The test of the second unit, DDG-173 Changsha is ongoing. Following the sister unit of DDG-174 Guiyang are currently being finalised.

Class 052D conceptually builds on the class 052C. Originally it was planned to build a series of twelve ships, but in the end it comes to the construction of "only" eight units. Full displacement units of this class is estimated at 7 500 tonnes. The hull of a length of 156 m (placed and 154 m) and a width of 18 m has to be almost identical to ships of class 052C. Different are the superstructure, armament and equipment.

Class ships, 052D is equipped with a multifunction radar (Type 348?) with four fixed antennas, the type of AESA. Against the previous class has increased the number of vertical take-off forces by 16 to a total of 64. Of them can be fired anti-aircraft missiles HQ-9B with an estimated range of 200 km and anti-ship missiles YJ-18A. Additional missile armament represents 24násobný rotary system HHQ-10 category CIWS. 100 mm ship cannon H/PJ-87 used in the previous class destroyers replaced the new 130 mm gun H/PJ-38. Class ships, 052D is also equipped with two 30 mm ensembles H/PJ-12, and classic tubes.

- ATM 5 / 2014 ISSN 1802-4823

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