DE - USS Pratt (DE-363)

DE - 363 USS Pratt

class: John C. Butler - escort torpedo

shipyard: Consolidated Steel
construction started: 1.4.1944
launched: 1.6.1944
taken into service: 18.10.1944

discarded: 15.1.1973 sold for scrap

length: 93.27 m
width: 11.2 m
draft: 2.9 m

standard: 1,350 tonnes
maximum: 1 660 tonnes

turbines: 2 SR geared turbines
power: 12,000 shp
range: 5,500 knots
speed: 24 knots


2 x 127 mm (2 x I)

anti-aircraft armament:
4 x 40 mm (2 x II)
10 x 20 mm (10 x I)

anti-submarine armament:
2 x DCR depth bomb slide
8 x DCT depth charge thrower
1 x Hedgehog

torpedo tubes:
3 x 533 mm (1 x III)

- max .: 200 men
- Peace: 186 men

Hrbek Ivan, Hrbek Jaroslav: Fleets of States Participating in World War II, Our Army, Prague, 1994. ISBN
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