DEU - Sd. Ah. 121 (podvalník)

Straßenroller 68-80 Tonnen
The German company Wagenfabrik Kässbohrer and Gothaer Waggonfabrik produced in the thirties of the heavy heavy haul trailers for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. The construction of the podvalníků designed by Dr. Ing Johann Culemeyerem (16.09.1883-20.01.1951), then director of the technical administration of the DR. On heavy haul trailers system Culemeyer patent application has been lodged on 29.11.1931 and recognized was 09.11.1933. The original designation of the German patent, I could not find, but in 1936 were the following patents registered in the United states under the no 2043507 and 2058955. In the US filed a patent application the company Gothaer Waggonfabrik.

During the second world war, the use of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS, heavy heavy haul trailers company Wagenfabrik Kässbohrer under the name: Sd. Ah. 121/4

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Another product with the name of the Culemeyer SdAh 121 with a load capacity 68 t, was already designed for the transport of "special techniques" i.e. military.
(Designation YOTRO I can't decipher.)
[adapted 27.4.09. for details, see the contribution of J.Tintěry below]

For the sake of completeness, and the low loader he had in his design of the organically built-in rails for the transport carriages "RB", as well as its siblings from the pen of ing Culemeyera..
DEU - Sd. Ah. 121 (podvalník) -

DEU - Sd. Ah. 121 (podvalník) -

DEU - Sd. Ah. 121 (podvalník) -

DEU - Sd. Ah. 121 (podvalník) -

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