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Dassault MD.450 Ouragan 01 - new beginnings

The French aviation industry was in ruins after World War II. However, the "land of the Gallic rooster" did not give up its ambition to restore it and return to pre-war prestige. The path was not easy, because France had a five-year failure in the development of jet engines.

Dassault MD.450 Ouragan 02 - when a hurricane strikes

The MD.450 was the first French mass-produced jet aircraft. A number of variants were considered, but the rapid obsolescence of the first generation jets did not allow them to be implemented. For the same reason, the Ouragans were relatively quickly scrapped from the ALA ( Armée de l'Air ) and offered for export. They gained their combat fame mainly in the ranks of the Israeli Air Force.

Dassault Mirage IV

In the mid-1950s, the French decided to build forces for nuclear intimidation, which resulted in the need for a strategic bomber. As an interim solution, they simply built an enlarged version of the Mirage III fighter, known as the "Mirage IV", assuming an early replacement with a more capable machine. It is said that nothing is as permanent as a temporary solution, so the Mirage IV still flies in combat even at the beginning of the 21st century, although it is true that only in small numbers as a spy plane, not as a bomber. This article presents the history and description of the Mirage IV.


Dogfights have always attracted attention. Since the First World War, their participants have been considered heroes, stories have been written about nothing, and they have become idols of generations. However, the reality of air combat is much more prosaic. Whatever the motivation of the pilots to fight, there was always a winner on one side and a loser on the other in a crippled or burning plane falling to the ground. This series deals with the struggle from their beginning to the modern age, when the sky is steadily ruled by jet engines.

Mirage IIICJ vs. MiG-21F-13 (1.)

In this duel, two two-machine fighters competed - each representing a different design school. Nevertheless, their performances were almost identical. In the end, the fight was decided by better tactics and pilot training. The performance of the aircraft did not play a decisive role.

Mirage IIICJ vs. MiG-21F-13 (2.)

In the last part, we got acquainted with the development of a pair of two-bomber fighters that fought in a duel in the Middle East. But the plane itself means nothing. His equipment is also important. How far did the form go in this case?

Mirage IIICJ vs. MiG-21F-13 (3.)

In the last part, we got acquainted with the development and parameters of a pair of two-bomber fighters that fought in a duel in the Middle East. The situation in the area has been aggravated for a long time, so it was possible to assume with a relatively high degree of probability that the two competing machines would soon collide in an air battle. And winning the victory was not easy, because the chances were even.

Pink Harrier

Here is the story of the Pink Harrier. It's not a story about the Mirage, but it's very closely related to it.

Sea Harrier FRS.1 versus Mirage IIIEA (1)

In this duel, a two-bomber fighter plane fought a subsonic enemy, whose design was based on an aircraft designed for direct air support of ground troops. The result was supposed to be seemingly clear. This was, however, quite different from what anyone would estimate by comparing the tables of their technical data.

Sea Harrier FRS.1 versus Mirage IIIEA (2)

The whole war for the hitherto virtually unknown Falkland Islands, which belonged to the British Crown, began with their occupation by the Argentine army on April 2, 1982. The Argentines, let alone anyone else, could hardly assume that the few virtually uninhabited islands would be war expedition to the other end of the world.

Sea Harrier FRS.1 versus Mirage IIIEA (3)

It was late evening, the first of May, but the evening of May 1982 in the South Atlantic was anything but love time as once tried to recite a classic to his readers. The planes of two enemy states had been flying in the sky since morning, and Death was slowly grinding its tools. Today comes to work … but we are ahead of it.




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