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David Krayzel

David Krayzel

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  • What's going on in Darfur?

    Translation of a short article on the background of the conflict in Darfur written by a Sudanese student.

  • Philippine-American War

    At the beginning of the Spanish-American War, the Philippine insurgents ( led by General Emilio Aguinald ) and the Americans advanced together. On June 12, 1898, independence was declared. However, it was not officially recognized by the USA, and a revolutionary congress has been sitting in the Malolos rebel capital since August ...

  • Hood's Campaign in Tennessee - Part 1

    In the fall of 1864, the Army of Tennessee embarked on the last major Confederate offensive in the American Civil War.

  • Hood's Campaign in Tennessee - Part 2

    After failing at Spring Hill, Hood was given another chance to catch up with the retreating Schofield at Franklin.

  • Hood's Campaign in Tennessee - Part 3

    On December 14, preparations for the upcoming battle culminated in Nashville. Thomas commanded a total force of nearly 60,000 men.

  • James Byrnes

    James Byrnes was born on May 2, 1882 in Charleston, South Carolina. In the years 1931-1942 he was a senator. From 1941 to 1942 he was a judge of the Supreme Court and from 1942 to 1943 he was the director of the Office for Economic Stabilization. In the years 1943-1945 he was the director of the Office for War Mobilization ...

  • Joseph Grew

    Joseph Grew was born on May 27, 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as an ambassador to Denmark from 1920 to 1921 and as an ambassador to Switzerland from 1921 to 1924 ...

  • Major General Leonard Wood

    veto of wars with the Indians and against the Spaniards

  • Moro Rebellion

    After the Spanish-American War of 1898, the entire Philippines fell to the United States, including the south inhabited by Muslim Moors, which the Spaniards failed to take full control of. The sea uprising against the new lords lasted almost fifteen years.

  • PzKpfw. III

    basic variants of PzKpfw III tanks

  • War of King George

    1744 - 1748, the war for the Austrian heritage.

  • War of King William

    1689-1697, War of the Augsburg League.

  • Queen Anne's War

    1702 - 1713, War of the Spanish Succession.


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