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Grandpa and the Great War (Part 1)

My grandfather, Karel Oktábec ( October 30, 1894 - December 18, 1956 ), was born early enough to take part in the entire First World War. At that time it was called " World " or " Great ". And he died too soon to hear his experiences in person. I was six years old and there were a lot of things that interested me more than the war. Despite the fact that humanity has meanwhile managed to repeat the "world" one more time. The " grandfather " was left with his military diaries, letters, and field postcards. That was quite enough. Later, I sometimes read something to my grandmother. However, she also died, and before her death she burned both diaries and letters. She must have had a reason for that. Only those postcards remained. And also Grandpa's personal records in the Military Historical Archive. From these limited sources, this attempt arose to review the grandfather's military career ...