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Luigi Durand de la Penne - Armament Controversy (Episode 2)

Luigi Durand de la Penne class destroyers were considered somewhat controversial units after enlistment. The reason was mainly the use of obsolete SM-1MR PLCs, which in the first half of the 90s did not meet the needs of the time. Therefore, almost immediately, consideration was given to replacing them with a more modern type, which, however, was only recently realized.

Luigi Durand de la Penne - The pinnacle of the evolution of Italian destroyers (part 1)

Luigi Durand de la Penne class destroyers are the last vessels in this category built for the Italian Navy. At the same time, it is one of the last representatives of Western destroyers designed during the Cold War. In many respects, these unique units inherited from their predecessors unusually strong main armament, which is typical of the Italian post-war design school.




Category for Classes of Destroyers of the Italy

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