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Douglas F3D Skyknight

Douglas Skyknight was one of the first night jet fighters built specifically for the task. He served during the Korean War, where he proved his strengths, and even carried out useful missions in Vietnam.

F4D Skyray – Ford

Given that marine airplanes are subject to exceptional requirements regarding airframe strength and corrosion resistance, this cannot be affected other than by suffering from a mass handicap compared to their competitors intended to be operated exclusively from ground bases. This ultimately leads to poorer performance. Therefore, most of the world records were set by machines from the Air Force… With a few exceptions.

F4D-1 Skyray - Naval record holder

The Douglas F4D was an aerodynamically fine and relatively light aircraft. Its only weakness was the not very powerful spare power unit. Although he eventually had to settle for a weaker engine than originally expected, his performance was great. The entries in the FAI record table speak for themselves.

In the Spanish sky - Douglas DC-2

"Planes were approaching trucks. Darras could not see the bombs flying to the ground in the sun. But he saw them explode like rosary beads in the fields. He was beginning to feel pain in his bandaged leg. He knew that one of the Douglases didn't have a sight, and that he was bombing through an enlarged toilet opening. Suddenly part of the road stopped: the column was interrupted. One of the bombs hit a truck, and it collapsed across the road. The bombs have landed so far… "



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