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Dušan Polanský

Dušan Polanský

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  • Erotica and sadism in infirmaries during the war

    At the beginning of the First World War, there was a naive enthusiasm of politicians and entire nations. Everyone believed that the war would only be a pleasant and exciting war adventure that would end very soon. But it was not so ...

  • Erotica and sadism in infirmaries during the war

  • War heroes without genitals

    Soldiers of World War II are usually presented in professional publications or documentaries as brave and brave warriors, and the very history of World War II is mostly portrayed as a gigantic clash of groupings of states or a duel of ideologies. Emphasis is placed on accurate descriptions of the course of battles, the chosen tactics of the enemies, the types and types of techniques used with the exact quantification of destroyed pieces, data on the deployed "living force" (disgusting term) and the loss of this "living force". So far, unfortunately, not a single author has been found to systematically map and capture the enormous suffering and personal tragedy of the soldiers as a result of severe injuries from the fighting.


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