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ESP - EXPAL M-08 Combi (60mm mínomet)

Under názvom EXPAL M-08 Combi is in the Hungarian defense forces established mínomet Španielskej company Expal caliber 60 mm.

To pages manufacturers are listed 3 mínomety this caliber without udania further details
- 60 mm M-86 Mortar, Asymetric Bipod
- 60 mm M-99 Mortar, Symetric Bipod
- 60 mm Comando Mortar.

Nakoľko under photos mínometu it is clear that the ide about the mínomet so symmetrical podstavcom, I'm assuming that under názvom M-08 Combi is either mínomet M-99, or Commando.

Under informácií of the Hungarian stránok has mínomet dostrel 3800 / 4900 m (under used dĺžky mainly of 0.65 / 1 m) and teoretickú rate streľby to 35 rpm. Hmotnosť mínometu 18,63 kg in a fighting polohe and change ako 20 kg in prepravnom stave.

Mínomet is about the arsenal Hungarian defence force established from začiatku 2013, výberové konanie was begun in the year 2011.
the Author of the photos: Galovtsik Gabor

ESP - EXPAL M-08 Combi (60mm mínomet) -

ESP - EXPAL M-08 Combi (60mm mínomet) -

ESP - EXPAL M-08 Combi (60mm mínomet) -

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