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EGYPT: Ban on Palestinian Hamas

Egypt is systematically stepping up its fight against the Palestinian Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, a Cairo court banned Hamas from all activities and operations in Egypt, making it clear that the authorities did not intend to compromise their intention to completely isolate the movement. The court has ordered the closure of all Hamas offices and the confiscation of its property, and members of the movement living in Cairo may now be arrested. The ban on Hamas is no longer far from declaring it a terrorist organization, which has been its parent Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since December.

EGYPT: Stepping up the offensive against terrorists in Sinai

Egypt usually attracts the attention of the Western media only because of the persecution of Islamists and the alleged power ambitions of Field Marshal Abdal Fatah Sisi. Few have noticed that since the overthrow of Islamist President Muhammad Mursi in July, Egypt has been fighting hard against terrorism, especially in the Sinai Peninsula, from where violence spills over into the country. On Friday, he launched the largest offensive to date, firing 60 rockets at Islamist targets in a village near Sheikh Zuwajdi and killing at least 13 terrorists. He destroyed twenty of them in the whole of last week, another twenty this Monday and hundreds since July, and he also lost over 200 soldiers himself. Compared to Syria, these figures may seem low, but the fight against terrorism in Sinai is of great importance to the whole region.

Russian in the sand and piramids country

The article records the memories of two participants in the Israeli-Egyptian conflict, Soviet officers who commanded the S-125 Neva, and discusses the activities of Soviet specialists and newly created air defense units with Soviet personnel on the territory of Egypt and their action against Israeli aircraft in early August 1970.

SS Thistlegorm - still full of combat equipment

SS Thistlegorm was sunken by German bombers from KG 26. Thistlegorm is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. It is still loaded with military equipment of all kinds, destined for North Africa, for General Wavell's Crusader operation.

Terror notes with tyranny

"Repression, misery, oppression, loss of hope, the absence of any common national goal," one of the heroes of the last novel by the Egyptian writer Ala al-Aswan is angry at his Arab homeland. The book is called Chicago. "The Egyptians are no longer hoping for justice on this earth and are waiting to come from the other world. But there is no real piety in that. Egypt is dominated by a collective neurosis accompanied by religious exhibitionism. "

The sad story of the Arab peacemakers

The Middle East region is marked by tragic wars between Jews and Palestinian Arabs. The Jewish population began to fulfill their dream of rebuilding their lost homeland in Palestine. After the rise of Mufti Hussein, the initial harmonious coexistence between the two ethnic groups turned into irreconcilable hatred, which resulted in a series of bloody pogroms against the Israelites. To appease the Palestinians, the British responded in the worst way, by publishing a White Paper to keep Jewish immigration to a minimum, virtually leaving Jews at the mercy of the Nazi rage.

The Transformation of Hamas - A friend of Egypt became his archenemy

The Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas is facing increasing difficulties. Since last year's rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, as its offshoot, it has promised a sharp improvement in relations and the economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and has expected the full opening of the borders, or even the creation of a free trade area with Egypt.

Water conflicts in the Middle East

Water is a basic necessity of life, it is a condition for the functioning of the economy but also of society as a whole. It is therefore the perfect embodiment of the term strategic raw material. Ensuring its supply is therefore a priority for every state, and this priority comes to the fore, especially in regions where there is a shortage of water. One such region is the Middle East…



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