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Ancient Egypt was one of the most important and oldest ancient civilizations in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Gradually, there was a confrontation with the emerging ancient states that the Egyptians could not successfully face in the long run. This led to a rather defensive concept of foreign policy and ultimately to re-control of Egypt by foreign rulers.


Civilization in the shadow of the pyramids I.

In ancient times, one of the most amazing civilizations in human history was created in the northeastern part of the African continent. This civilization was essentially dependent on the river Nile and the wealth that the river brought to it every year in the form of deposits of fertile mud. The original territory, where the Egyptian civilization originated, formed the Nile basin from the city of Jeb (Aswan) to Mennofer (Memphis) in the delta of the river Nile.

Civilization in the shadow of the pyramids II.

During the millennia of the Egyptian state, this society experienced a period of prosperity and deep decline. In the second part of my article, we will take a closer look at Egyptian society and approach the critical transitional periods of Egyptian history, but also the prosperity of the Middle Kingdom.

Civilization in the shadow of the pyramids III.

In the 16th century BC, the most famous and successful period of the Egyptian state begins. This period is chronologically dated around 1560-1080 BC It began with the overthrow of Hyksos domination and the restoration of Egyptian sovereignty.





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