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Norbert Mogyorósi

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  • Adolph Gysbert

    A slightly more extensive biography of the South African Fighter Ace, one of the most famous and successful RAF fighter pilots during World War II. Words from the last farewell to Malana: "We mourn the loss of a great officer and brave fighter who fought in the front line in the Battle of Britain, a man who fought bravely and fearlessly led his pilots at a time when courage and commanding ability were our only patronage. His name will continue to live in the history of the Royal Air Force and in the minds and hearts of all brave people around the world. "

  • Carl Pettersson - The adventurous life of a Swedish sailor

    Thanks to his adventurous life among cannibals, Carl Pettersson served as a model for Father Pipi's longstocking for the author of her novel adventures, Astrid Lindgren.

  • Commander Ernest Edwin Evans

    Biography of the commander of the destroyer USS Johnston, who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his courage during a naval engagement in the Philippines. Unfortunately, like many equally brave men, posthumously ...

  • Ten Commandments of dogfight of "Sailor" Malan

    The famous ten rules of air combat, formulated and written by one of the most famous and successful fighter pilots of the RAF, South African Adolph Gysbert "Sailor" Malan.

  • František Doležal

    Biography of the fighter pilot, air ace and third commander of the Czechoslovak wing.

  • George Smith Patton

    A biography of the legendary American general and pioneer in the use of tanks, who participated in the liberation of Europe and together with his famous 3rd Army reached the territory of Czechoslovakia.

  • James Edgar „Johnnie“ Johnson

    Biography of the most successful English fighter pilot of World War II.

  • Lieutenant-Commander Malcolm David Wanklyn

    Curriculum vitae of the most successful British submarine commander, who was the first submarine commander to receive an additional British military award - the Victoria Cross.

  • Major General Charles Elwood Yeager

    Biography of "Chuck" Yeager, American WWII fighter ace and the first pilot to break the speed of sound.

  • RAF Rank Group Competition No. 1

    The headquarters of the RAF rank group on forum.valka.cz announces a competition in honor of the 89th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, which is to bring new information and deepen our knowledge of its history, units, armaments and personalities. Anyone can join, the conditions can be found in this post!

  • Tomáš Vybíral

    Biography of a fighter pilot, air ace and fourth commander of the Czechoslovak wing.

  • Václav Jícha

    A biography of an ace of aircraft and a test pilot, which few in the Spitfire cabin could match. "Venda was the best pilot of my team, his contribution to the victory was excellent, his friendship was an honor and a privilege for me." Alex Henshaw


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