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Tank engines

In the following lines I want to present some - perhaps interesting - data on the engines of medium and heavy tanks from II. World wars. Unfortunately, the whole topic of tank engines is so extensive, and at the same time there are so few usable materials for it, that its exhaustive elaboration is practically impossible in our country. Unfortunately, the data published by various authors are often so contradictory that it is difficult to assess their credibility, so it is possible to reject the correct data and use the wrong one. irregularities (certainly to be found). Of course, I welcome any additional information. However, all possible errors and inaccuracies fall only on the author's head.

V-2 tank engine

The V-2 engine was installed before the war on Soviet light tanks BT-7M, medium tanks T-34 and heavy KV-1 and KV-2, as well as on a heavy crawler artillery tractor Voroshilovec. During the war, it was installed on medium tanks T-34, heavy KV and IS, as well as on cars derived from them. In the post-war years, this engine was modernized and its direct descendants are modern tank engines.



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