Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost

Supplementary Hunting Group Ost
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Group commanders:

Hptm Günther Beise, 2.42 - 12.5.42
Hptm Hubertus von Bonin, 5.42 - 22.5.42
Maj. Werner Andres, 23.5.42 - 31.1.43
Obstlt Hermann Graf, 1.2.43 - 4.43
Maj. Werner Andres, 4.43 - 30.6.43
Maj Viktor Bauer, 1.7.43 - 4.11.44

Formed 27.1.42 in Krakow:

Stab/EJGr.Ost ze Stab of Erg.Gruppe/JG51
1./EJGr.Ost ze 2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG51
2./EJGr.Ost ze 2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG52
3./EJGr.Ost ze 2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG54
4./EJGr.Ost ze 2. Ausbildungsstaffel/JG77
5./EJGr.Ost ze Erg.Staffel/Sch.G.1 (3.42)

17.4.42 5./EJGr.Ost became 3./Erg.Zerstörergruppe.

Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost was renamed Jagdgruppe Ost on 25.11.42.

14.3.43 4./JGr.Ost and 1./JGr.Süd swapped designations.

1.9.44 1./JGr.Ost became 1./JGr.Nord and was supplemented by Erg.Staffel/ZG76 at Rosenborn.

4.11.44 JGr. Ost was renamed to III./EJG1:

Stab/JGr.Ost became Stab III./EJG1
1./JGr.Ost became 9./EJG1
2./JGr.Ost became 10./EJG1
3./JGr.Ost became 11./EJG1
4./JGr.Ost became 12./EJG1


1.42 - 9.42 Krakow Bf 109E/F/G
9.42 - 20.2.44 Jean d'Angely Bf 109F/G, Fw 190A
21.2.44 - 4.11.44 Liegnitz Bf 109G, Fw 190A
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id mark is a member of Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Ost.
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