Cvičná letka pilotáže č.3 SPL Deblin [1939-1939]

Eskadra Ćwiczebna Pilotau Nr 3 SPL Dęblin
Squadron Ćwiczebna Pilotażu Nr 3 SPL Dęblin – Training squadron piloting the no. 3 SPL Dęblin

Squadron was part of air officers ' school in Dęblinu. Alarm mobilization was carried out 1. September at the airport Dęblin.
The squadron was subordinated to the - ?
1. September were in its framework created by the two defensive fighter swarms.
6. September were from the squadrons allocated two PZL P.23A "Karaś" with pilots, mechanics, and two cars for the air platoon of the Warsaw armoured motorized brigade.
7. September was from the state of the squadrons earmarked 10 PZL P.23 "Karaś" and the pilots for a Replacement reconnaissance squadron SPL Dęblin.
Lapse 17. September, flying machines, and the transition of staff to Romania.

squadron Commander – captain pilot (cpt. pil.) Jan Czerny

[b:him]the Commanders of the defense fighter swarms:
Kpt. pil. Jan Czerny
Por. pil. Tadeusz Czerwiński

Pilots squadron included 7. September to Spare reconnaissance squadron SPL Dęblin:
Pchor. pil. Franciszek Bernatowicz
Pchor. pil. Czesław Daszuta
Pchor. pil. Kazimierz Dolicher
Pchor. pil. Bolesław Klecha
Pchor. pil. Włodzimierz Łomski
Pchor. pil. Jan Matuszkiewicz
Pchor. pil. Kazimierz Stankiewicz
Pchor. pil. Konrad Stembrowicz
Pchor. pil. Jerzy Zbierzchowski
Plut. pil. Jan Kowalski
Plut. pil. Henryk Pietrzak
Plut. pil. Leonard Pruski

17 aircraft PZL P.23A "Karaś"
6 aircraft PZL P.7a

Completely inadequate documentation makes it impossible to determine the losses of the squadron.

Known used airport:
Dęblin (1.9. – 2.9.1939)
Žyrzyn (2.9. - 8.9.1939)
Radziechów (8.9 – 13.9.1939 )
The airport in the space of the city of Brody (13.9. – 14.9.1939)
Horodenka (14.9. – 16.9.1939)
The airport in the area of the village of Kuta (16.9. – 17.9.1939)

Literature: Jerzy Pawlak, Polskie squads w wojnie obronnej wrzesień 1939, Wydawnictwo Komunikacji i Łączności, 2. pošířené edition, Warszawa 1991, ISBN 83-206-0795-7..
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