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2015 / 12

Fakta a svědectví

7, 2015, no 12

Content numbers:

Grindstone, Jan: a Reinvention of the Koby in the revolutionaries (4-7)
Hes, Milan: Tridentský council (8-10)
Kozelka, Peter: Saint Nicholas for the first time gave out the gifts before seventeen hundred years ago (12-13)
Long, Michael: Christmas eve occurred (14-15)
Pavlik, Václav: the Bronze head of the pope's new year's Eve II. (16-17)
Kudrna, ladislav; Stárek, Francis Piggy: st. nicholas on Rychnov (18-20)
Cone, Miroslav: Why is "admitted" Andre Simon. The adventurous career of a man of many faces ended up on the gallows (22-25)
Lenková, Jitka: Tip for a trip: let's Go together to Bethlehem... (26)
Altman, Peter: Little space for a guy (28-29)
Karkovský, Radek: December in the sign of the stars or a Hundred years from the birth of Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaf (30-31)
Lenková, Jitka: the mysterious star of bethlehem (32-33).
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