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2012 / 01

Fakta & svědectví

Year IV, 2012, no. 1

Content numbers:
Cone, Miroslav: Chase in Dejvice at the birth of the Charter 77 (4-7)
Short, Charles: Masters of life and death (8-10)
Polanský, Karel: Tokyo express (12-13)
Brooch, Ivan: Was Stalin an agent of the tsarist secret police? (14-17)
Kudrna, Ladislav: side with the enemy. Members of the German armed forces in the czechoslovak foreign army (18-21)
Nekola, Martin: Petr Zenkl – a man who was there (22-24)
Vokáč, Petr: Rack rail the roof of Europe (26-27)
Long, Michal: Cases from investigation services (28-31)
Dvořák, Jan: the Memory of the exceptional tram (32).
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