POL - Polní kuchyně vz. 75

Field Kitchen Mk.75 / Kuchnia polowa wz.75 / KP75

Poľná drop tanks and practice weapons vz. 75

KP75 is a portable poľná drop tanks and practice weapons designed pre the preparation of the diet in poľných podmienkach pre a small group of up to 30 beds. Is the sa of the own frame, the diesel systems PPO-2, kotlov, skillets, pokrývok, príslušenstva and the chimney.

Dĺžka: 794 mmm
Width: 775 mm (with horákom, without systems 594 mm)
Height: 1315 mm (in fighting polohe with a chimney, 915 mm without vykomína, 1057 mm zložená pre shipment)
Hmotnosť: 136 kg
- horák 23 kg
- konštrukcia with kotlami: 84 kg
- príslušenstvo and pokrievky: 29 kg

The number of kotlov: 3 pcs
The volume of kotla. 25 l

- diesel fuel (3 l/hour)
- wood (11,8 kg/hr)

Source: archive of the author
URL : https://www.valka.cz/POL-Polni-kuchyne-vz-75-t185547#541645 Version : 0
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