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9cm mortar Škoda "U Cihelny"

The separate infantry bunker KS 14 "U Cihelny", part of the fortifications of the Kralická fortress area, is a two-sided two-winged two-bell army fortress building in the strongest and most durable design (3rd resistance class), situated north of the town of Králíky.

Czechoslovak fortification of Hlučín region

The Hlučín region is an area in the western part of Silesia, extending into the Czech Republic and has been a disputed territory since time immemorial. The Silesian Wars, the period after the First World War, the Munich Agreement or the end of the Second World War - Hlučín has always been a source of conflict.
It is not surprising that during the First Republic the government decided to build a defensive line here as part of the fortification of Czechoslovakia. However, due to the location and historical experience, this line was only in the south-eastern part of the area - where there was no longer a high percentage of German population.

Infantry fortress K-S5 U potoka

Infantry bunker KS 5 ( where K = Kralíky section of fortifications, S = Infantry bunker and 5 = serial number of the building in the fortification line ) with the code name " U potoka " is a typical representative of heavy fortification ( TO ), which was to secure the northern border of Czechoslovakia against sudden invasion of the German army, to enable the undisturbed mobilization of the field army and possibly also to protect its flank during a possible retreat ( under the pressure of a stronger adversary ) towards Slovakia.

Monuments and museums in the Králíky fortress area

Museums and monuments in the Králická fortress area have started a new tourist season. Those interested can visit these massive reinforced concrete monuments commemorating the last years of the democracy of the First Republic. And there is a lot to see around Králíky! The area around this town in the easternmost part of the Pardubice region, in the 1930s, represented the strongest fortified area of the then Czechoslovakia and one of the strongest fortified sections of the border in Europe before World War II.

The End of Bastion Fortress in Bohemia

In the 18th century, three massive bastion fortresses were built in Bohemia: Hradec Králové ( 1766-1789 ), Terezín ( 1780-1790 ) and Josefov ( 1781-1791 ), whose task was to protect the northwestern border of the Austrian Empire against a possible Prussian invasion. How they fulfilled this task is the content of this article ...



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