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Edward Lister Gimbel

Edward L. Gimbel was one of many Americans who took part in the fighting alongside the British after the outbreak of World War II, but ended his fighting journey in famous American 4th Fighter Group by being shot down over Prague.

Grierson's Raid

Grierson's RaidΒ was aΒ UnionΒ cavalry raid during theΒ Vicksburg CampaignΒ of theΒ American Civil War. It ran from April 17 to May 2, 1863, as a diversion fromΒ Maj. Gen.Β Ulysses S. Grant's main attack plan onΒ Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Joseph Grew

Joseph Grew was born on May 27, 1880 in Boston, Massachusetts. He served as an ambassador to Denmark from 1920 to 1921 and as an ambassador to Switzerland from 1921 to 1924 ...