Hello, dear colleagues. On the website gazklubu appeared, inter alia, this photo. It's a GAZ-69 with two mounted velkorážními machine gun DŠK (DŠK-M?). I wonder whether this is even a thing of the czechoslovak army, or is it about Folk Militias. Or, if this is the origin of the czechoslovak, and it's not necessary to show friendly units on the territory of the CSSR. I'd guess he's on the Poles or the Hungarians, even though it again do not match the helmets.

I didn't know where I rank, I originally wanted to extend a post about Gaza, but in the end seemed to me more appropriate to put it here. If it is wrong, please move.
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The attached photo shows a GAZ-69 with a very simple design of mounting two large-calibre 12.7 mm DŠK machine guns. Also the modification of the GAZ - dismantled windscreen, crew - male-female as I the very fact that it was the 25th anniversary of the liberation of the Czechoslovakia leads me to believe that it was only a one-time use of this vehicle.There are more photos from this tour, T-34 with historical inscriptions on the turret, etc., uniforms are from the end of the war, or just after the liberation. I haven't seen more shots of this unique Gazik conversion yet. Just to give you an idea : what would it have done to Gazik if the twin had triggered the batch ?

Photo : ATOM 1970
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The Gazik could probably withstand it without problems (even a much smaller jeep could withstand a similar installation), but I also think that it is more of an "initiative" of a LM unit, at least; I have not encountered a similar assembly anywhere (except for today's assembly where the owner claimed that he simply made it up - he had only one machine gun similar to the one in the Jeep)
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Well, the Lance Corporal behind the wheel has a "nice collection" of medals and ribbons above his left breast pocket (where would he get them?) and the other female members of the vehicle crew are probably in the same situation (also Lance Corporals, then Lance Corporals...).
We can probably exclude the LM unit (they are obviously soldiers, LMs had a different system of ranks or functions and their designations) and so we probably have no choice but to accept the assumption that this was one of the many "allegorical vehicles" on parade for the anniversary of the liberation - in this case probably a reminiscence of the female crews of anti-aircraft guns of our army corps in the USSR...
Well, the fact that it was all assembled for the parade (and only for it) and the assembly was not functional, is evidenced by the fact (but maybe it's just me) that the machine guns are (maybe) movable in aiming, but not in measuring...
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In order to make the collection of "award-winners" complete, we will also publish the command ... Commander... Gazikas have no markings / neither VPZ nor cockade /, which confirms the above mentioned fact that this is just a reminder of history.

I still pay attention to the "elevation level " of the Castle Guards under the stand of honour and the " half-litres " on the feet of the officers on the bottom left / it was written in 1970 / part of the retro equipment.
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