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GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém)

GEE (radio navigation system)

Hyperbolic radio navigation system GEE

System Gee is of british origin and was designed in the year 1938.
The system operates at a distance of 500 to 700 km (under normal atmospheric conditions).

According to the Air Ministry Experimental Station (AMES) was for this system is reserved in the context of the RAF markings:
AMES Type 7000 - GEE ("Ground").
Operationally used from 1942

The system consists of a chain of ground-based equipment, consisting of a control station "And" - "Master station" and one or two auxiliary "B", "C" "Slave stations" (the so-called "slaves")

1) the Ground station:
Transmitter: T 1365
Power: 300 kW
Frequency: 20 - 85 Mc/s (MHz)
Repetition rate: 250 c/s (Hz)

2) on-Board devices:
Receiver / Receiver R 1355
Indicator / Indicator Unit Type 62A
Antenna / Aerial
So antenna molecules unit / Aerial Loading Unit Type 51,
Later tropicalisovaná version of the receiver R 1355 was marked by the R 3645.
Worked with indicator / Indicator Unit Type Type 299

GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -

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radio Navigation system GEE .
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
GBR - GEE (radionavigační systém) -
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