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Generál MacArthur a ten druhý - Ivan Brož

Perhaps everyone who is at least a little interested in the US military knows the two names. And everyone has their own opinion. They were different, they were on opposite ends of the world, and yet their life stories were very similar. This difficult journey brings us their difficult journey from childhood through West Point to four and five general stars in a historical comparison. And who are the two protagonists? The first is, as the name suggests, Douglas MacArthur, the second is surprisingly George S. Patton. So let's go through history with these two greats. From the history of their ancestors, who stood on various sides of the front during the North-South Civil War, through their first steps to military education, the First War, to the greatest war in which they both took part, through the tragic death of General Patton just after World War II. war to MacArthur's success in post-war Japan and the collapse of Korea. We'll learn a lot about life, including not very well-known facts (did you know, for example, that MacArthur was under the influence of his mother for most of his life, or that Patton was dyslexic?). We find ourselves in the trenches of the First World War, as well as in the lightning tank war in Africa, Italy, Normandy and Germany of the Second World War. We will witness the fall and liberation of the Philippines, the invasion of Incheon during the Korean War, we will learn how little was missing from the use of nuclear weapons against China. And most importantly, it is clear from this book how the two generals gained their men, who were willing to lay down their lives at their command. The book contains well-known and lesser-known quotes from both General Patton and MacArthur, from which I chose two:

George S. Patton to the 3rd Army on the eve of the invasion of Normandy
"There's one big thing you guys can do when this war is over and you're home again. And you can thank God for that. When you're sitting by the fire with your grandson on your knees after twenty years, you won't have to ask his question, what you did in World War II, cough up or shuffle the boy from foot to foot and tell him you dug latrines in Louisiana. No, gentlemen! boy, your grandfather rolled forward with a large 3rd Army and that bastard named George Patton. "
page 144

Douglas MacArthur, the conclusion of his memoirs
"People only grow old when they abandon their ideas. For years, they can dig wrinkles into human skin, but giving up interest means having wrinkles etched in their souls. Man is as young as his faith and as old as his doubts. As young as his trust As old as his fear As young as his hopes And as old as his despair In the middle of every heart is a chamber where everything is recorded As long as he receives beauty, hope, joy and courage, so long When his heart is covered with the snow of pessimism and covered in the ice of cynicism, it is in this and only moment that one grows old - and just as the ballad says, he disappears into the distance. "
page 198

Published by X-Egem, 198 pages, selling price approx. CZK 200
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