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Frigate Captain Erich Topp

The third most successful submarine commander with 192,209 GRT, Holder of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords.

Sea Captain Victor Schütze

Holder of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross and Oak Leaves, the fifth most successful German submarine commander with 180,073 GRT.

Summer 1943 - defeat of wolf packs

The German naval offensive, launched immediately in September 1939 by the Kriegsmarine, was named the Battle of the Atlantic. Because its goal was to cut off Atlantic shipping lines to Britain and cut off the country from raw materials and food. The main German weapons of this battle were submarines, although the Kriegsmarine initially deployed surface vessels, from battleships to auxiliary cruisers, and Luftwaffe and aircraft. However, after the British sank the isolated surface invaders (Graf Spee, Bismarck, Scharnhorst) or blocked the bases (Tirpitz), the weight of the whole battle lay on U-boats from 1942.

U 53 - A stormy journey to America during World War II

With astonishment and respect, the American public in 1916 praised the successful breaking of the British naval blockade by the submarine merchant ship U-Deutschland. It reached the undamaged port of Baltimore and, after being loaded with raw materials important for the war industry, again successfully slipped through the blockade and arrived at its home port. In response, the British Navy placed its naval units in front of US ports with the intention of sending the next German commercial submarine to the bottom. They probably succeeded in this intention with the U-Bremen, which disappeared without a trace. Its fate came true at a time when the German front-line submarine U-53 was already approaching the US coast to attack the siege. What happened here and after is the subject of the following pages.


Many apparently had the opportunity to enjoy the film of the same name from the workshops of Hollywood filmmakers. The heroic epic before which the famous Soviet war films of the past years fade… The subject of this sentimental nonsense led me to be interested in the fate of the real U 571. one of the most difficult and undoubtedly the longest battle II. World War II, the Battle of the Atlantic, it was possible to commemorate and honor any of the countless stories that have actually taken place - and which are undoubtedly much more engaging and imaginative than

what we were offered…

U-boot Krieg

Comparison of the success of the deployment of submarines in both world wars.



World War One

World War Two

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