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Karl-Gerät 040 - Cousin of Fat Berta - part 1

Artillery was called the god of war. His concentrated fire was able to drown bold attacks in blood or disrupt enemy defenses. The construction of artillery technology reached its peak during the Second World War and just after it. Some types reached monstrous proportions. One such was the Karl-Gerät 040 weighing over 100 tons.

Karl-Gerät 040 - Cousin of Fat Berta - part 2

The development of Karl-Gerät 040 took a long time, so he did not have time for the initial campaign for which it was designed, but now a new adversary has appeared. Although he was a former loyal ally, now there was nothing to prevent him from testing a new weapon in his territory, which many German officers had been familiar with from the time of close cooperation.




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