Gnome-Rhône 14M 04/05

Gnome-Rhône14M 4/5

Arrangement of cylinders: dvouhvězdicový čtrnáctiválec
Cooling system: air
Drilling cylinder: 122 mm
Stroke: 116 mm
Swept volume: 18,92 l (dm3)
The degree of compression: 6,5 : 1
Supercharger: single stage, single-speed mechanical compressor
The preparation of the fuel mixture: carburetor Bronzania
Divorce: OHV (1 intake valve and 1 exhaust for each cylinder head)
Fuel: 87 octane
Length: 1 250 mm
The width (average): 960 mm
Weight: 419 kg
700 hp at 3 200 r/min and 1 100 mm Hg filling pressure – the performance
570 hp at 3 030 rev./min and 900 mm Hg filling pressure of the air in the h= 0 m
660 hp at 3 000 rpm./min and 900 mm Hg filling pressure of the air in the h= 4 000 m

- production of 1935-39

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Photographs from the manual "Excerpt from the engine guide Gnome-Rhône, Baumuster 14M, Baureihen 4, 5, 6 und 7" published by BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH in April 1942.

Auszug aus dem Motorenhandbuch Ausgabe 2, April 1942, BMW Flugmotorenbau GmbH

Gnome-Rhône 14M 04/05 - Auszug aus dem Motorenhandbuch Ausgabe 2

Auszug aus dem Motorenhandbuch Ausgabe 2
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