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Německy / German - Kanonen
Rusky / Russian - пушечный
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Short or long

Word kanon is a doublet. It can be write as kanon and as cannon. Similarly, we can write kanonový i cannon. Rules of Czech spelling admit both variants. we have chosen the version with a short on.

Translation into English - Gun or Cannon

Word kanon or kanonový into English at the present time translates as Gun, although linguistically it was more convenient word Cannon and Gun to use for cannon. But in English there has been a linguistic development to reverse the meaning of these words. Indeed, even in English people ignorant of military terminology of the word cannon and the cannon loosely used interchangeably. And to make it even more complicated, in some specific connections in the English kept the connection Gun - the gun/cannon and Cannon for the cannon/kanonový.

a Brief meaning of the word cannon and its subcategories

the Meaning of the word cannon
Cannon is the collective name for these artillery resources. Further are mainly classified into:
cannon - as a rule, is characterized by a long-barreled, high muzzle velocity direct fire on point targets the lower group of angles
howitzer - as a rule, is characterized by a shorter main, lower muzzle velocity and the indirect fire on the area target the top or middle group of angles
možďíř - as a rule, a cannon of large caliber designed only to fire the upper group of angles, designed especially to fire resistant objects

Original translation to English
Once with the cannon and the main sub-categories translate as follows
- cannon - Gun
--- cannon - Cannon
--- howitzer - the Howitzer
--- možďíř - Mortar

Current translation into English
However, over time there has been the rearrangement, so now cannon, if we start from the official american definition, translates as Cannon and cannon like Gun. It therefore applies that the
- cannon - Cannon
--- cannon - Gun
--- howitzer - the Howitzer
--- možďíř - Mortar

However, in the non-expert and literary fiction production are the words Gun and Cannon completely free confused and are essentially synonymous, with the word Cannon is used rather less lavishly.

the Definition of the word cannon and its subcategories

Dictionary of military terms united states Department of defense
Field Artillery:
Equipment, supplies, ammunition, and personnel involved in the use of cannon, rocket, or surface-to-surface missile launchers. Field artillery cannons are classified according to caliber as follows. Light--120mm and less. Medium--121-160mm. Heavy--161-210mm. Very heavy--greater than 210mm.

1. And a cannon with relatively long barrel, operating with relatively low angle of fire, and having a high muzzle velocity.
2. And a cannon with tube length 30 calibers or more.

1. And a cannon that combines certain characteristics of guns and mortars. The howitzer delivers projectiles with medium velocities, either by low or high trajectories.
2. Normally and cannon with a tube length of 20 to 30 calibers; however, the tube length can exceed 30 calibers and still be considered and a howitzer when the high angle fire zoning solution permits range overlap between charges.

And muzzle-loading, indirect fire weapon with either, and rifled or smooth bore. It usually has a shorter range than a howitzer, employs a higher angle of fire, and has a tube with a length of 10 to 20 calibers.

Thus, we see that the word Cannon is still používano, however, in the role of the word parent of the word Gun, Howitzer and Mortar. Anyway, the phrase from the English wikipedia, that: "there is no generally recognised generic term for a gun, howitzer, mortar", is to be taken with a grain of salt. A generic term there is a demonstrated, because the dictionary of military terms MO USA has in its area a binding codification of character.

Reference dictionary of Czech language
large firearm mounted on the carriage. Cannon light, heavy, load, ship, anti-aircraft etc.

people: cannon, militarily, professionally: a kind of cannon with cruise missiles. Infantry cannon; the mountain, a light cannon.

cannon with a shorter main and strongly curved expensive missiles. Howitzer, light, heavy, gross, mountain.

Možďíř, hmožďíř:
cannon with a short barrel and a larger caliber, hurling missiles steep expensive

Dictionary of standard Czech language
gun firing large shells, particularly shells, to a considerable distance: shoot the cannon; the wounds of the works; military collective name for cannons, howitzers and moždíře; cannon light, heavy, long-range, on-board, anti-aircraft, anti-tank, atomic;

the kind of cannon with cruise missiles; anti-tank cannon

military cannon with a shorter main, with a steep expensive missiles

Možďíř, mortar:
1. cannon to the celebratory shooting blind: intrády of možďíře; možďíře to hoot; to shoot from možďířů; wounds of možďíře
2. military gun larger caliber with a short barrel, hurling missiles steep path; moždířový, hmoždířový

Dictionary of standard Czech
the firearm of large caliber, firing to a considerable distance: a anti-aircraft cannon; the wounds of the works;

call: cannon; militarily: a cannon with a long barrel and a flat trajectory missiles; anti-tank cannon

military cannon with a shorter main and with a steep path of a bullet

Možďíř, hmožďíř:
cannon to pummel tensile. c. to the celebratory shooting (blind): shoot from the moždířů

Academic dictionary of foreign words
call cannon; militarily: a cannon with a long thick walled, solid main; kanonový; it's kanon howitzer

military cannon with a short barrel, caliber 30 cm, with a steep path of a bullet; hist. of heavy siege cannon; houfnicový the bow.: houfnicová fire

Možďíř, mortar:
1. cannon to the celebratory shooting blind: shoot from the moždířů
2. (tc.) cannon with a short barrel, with a large caliber and a steep path of a bullet; moždířový, hmoždířový.
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