HXD1 Navy Type D

Category: Transport Flying Boat
Original designation: Douglas DF 151

Deployment: The two flying boats were first purchased by Dai Nippon Airline, and here they received the civilian designations J-ANES and J-ANET. Soon after, they were handed over to the Naval Air Force for testing, and after the tests were carried out, the Navy handed them over to the Kawanishi factory, where they were examined for structural design. Later, these findings were used in the design of the Kawanishi H8K flying boat.

Tadeusz Januszewski and Kryzysztof Zalewski: "Japońskie samoloty marynarski 1912-1945 vol. 2"; Lampart; year 2000; ISBN 83-86776-00-05
http://www.airwar.ru/enc/flyboat/df.html - colour scheme
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HXD1 -

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