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2015 / 03

Historie a vojenství

64, 2015, no. 3

Content numbers:

Pejčoch, Ivo: the Bicycle units of the czechoslovak army (And. part) (4-19)
Shy, George: Austrian citizens in the czechoslovak units on the western front 1939-1945 (II. part - complete) (20-29)
Marek, Henry: Last shots a stray jeeps. Operating activities In the. ward 3. the american army on the Czech territory in the days of the 6.-12. may 1945 (I. part) (30-45)
Žáček, Pavel: Discard Vlasova. I confirm - discard! The climax of the action Voron on the background of the prague uprising (46-57)
Hilarious, Martin: the Soviet air raid on the Decin-Podmokly 8. may 1945 from the perspective of the medical chorobopisů (58-66)
Halada, Andrej: War, soldiers, and golf game in the Czech lands. History projected into two worlds from each other only seemingly distant (67-79)
Rajlich, Jiří: Lieutenant in reserve in memoriam Josef Kiss (1896-1918). The most famous Hungarian fighter Luftfahrttruppen (II. part - complete) (80-105)
Biederman, John: the Cross and the medal of the brave. Decorated for bravery on the background of the first world war (106-114)
Krbcová, Ilona: Postcards from the Great war. Correspondence cards, postcards and photos (I. part) (115-121)
Wise, Peter: the Restoration of the infantry rifle (122-123)
Wise, Peter: the Restoration of the saber (124-125)
Burian, Michal: New arrivals in Israel (126-129)
Suchánek, Jiří: Sočská the Way of peace and Kobaridské museum (130-131)
Beránek, Jaroslav: the Lusitania: Life, loss, the link (132-133)
Beránek, Jaroslav: Gallipoli: Myth and memory (134-136)
Beránek, Jaroslav: Waterloo at Windsor: (1815-2015) (137-139)
Beránek, Jaroslav: Peter Kennard: Unofficial war artist (140-141)
Sýkora, Jan: maiden flight of the aeroplane Be-50 Beta Minor (142-143)
Tomek, Prokop: 15. annual conference of the working group for the study of conflict (143)
Claw machine: the Cover of the "10-From" under the Špilberk * symbolically declassified (144)
Marek, Henry: Jaromír Klika (1919-2015) (145)
Blüh, Zuzana: Sir Nicholas Winton (1909-2015) (146-148)
Láník, Jaroslav: Hans-Hubertus Mack - László Veszprémy - Rüdiger Wenzke(Hg.): Die NVA und die Ungarische Volksarmee im Warschauer Pakt (148-149)
Tomek, Prokop: Václav Jandečková: Three men against the totalitarianism. Resistance fighter Ota Tramp, an RAF pilot Josef Hýbler and an american diplomat Walter Birge in the fight with the StB (149-150)
Bílková, Veronika: Miroslav Tůma: the Way forward in the nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament (150-151)
(jd): Traffic cone from the base FOB Shank in Afghanistan (152).
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