!!! Hledáme spolupracovníky


1. I have the time, materials, or articles and I want to help

1.1. Contributing to the forum

1.1.1. Registration on the forum - how do I start ?
1.1.2. Basic orientation - as I know ?
1.1.3. Kinds of contributions - what are the factual posts ?
1.1.4. The rules of the insertion - general and specific
1.1.5. Workflow - how it actually works ?
1.1.6. Resources - where do I draw the information ?
1.1.7. The field - what do I actually do ?

1.2. Writing articles

1.2.1. Registration on the forum - how do I start ?
1.2.2. The rules of the insertion - general and specific
1.2.3. Workflow - how it actually works ?
1.2.4. Resources - where do I draw the information ?

1.3. Moderation, editing, linking

1.3.1. Registration on the forum - how do I start ?
1.3.2. Workflow - how it actually works ?

1.4. Photo and video

1.5. Map data and work with the editor map

1.6. Programming and development

1.7. Promotion

2. I have money and I want to help[/heading]
2.1. I can donate money
2.2. I am interested in advertising
2.3. I can convey the advertising sales

3. About military history, I'm interested in, but to write/upload files I don't want to, I can even so help ?[/heading]
3.1. Traffic
3.2. Sharing.

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1.1. Contributing on the forums

Contributing to the forum is probably the fastest method, how to participate in our work, and at the same time has the lowest requirements and the fastest of the "learning curve".

The forum is a hierarchically arranged database techniques, weapons and equipment, uniforms, units and personalities, government departments, cities and municipalities and a number of other things.

What our forum makes a specific structure, which has not only a forum as such, but also the individual contributions ("template"). This structure allows the machine processing of contributions and using the defined links between objects allows you to automatically supplement the data. What this means in practice ?

In the section of the Personality, Europe, Czechoslovakia, B

we have the personality of František Bartoš


it has two tables/templates, one for the basic data, the other for a detailed description of the military services. Followed by other texts, biographical and detailed, photos.

In the detailed part of the military services in the COURSE of MILITARY SERVICE is to see the item

00.02.1929-30.09.1931 Commander : 1. division

which is an example of automatically dotažených data Because in the section of the Unit, Europe, Czechoslovakia, Branna power of the czechoslovak Republic [1920-1938], the Higher the units, the Headquarters divisí

is theme 1. division [1920-1938]

and here is the field COMMANDER of the listed previously mentioned brigadier general Bartoš as the commander of the division.

Thus, that is the name of the general in this table prolinkováno on the topic of personality arises linkage, with which we can continue to work and without having to manually, this entry into the table of the personality of displaying, automatically there argument.

Our work procedure is, therefore, the assembly of the various headings, for example, according to the types of armies, the areas of historical units and so on, the establishment and replenishment of the topics of all kinds and provazovaní between each other. From the nature of things, it is evident that this is a nearly endless work and therefore every hand in addition to fits.

You can participate in any field, there is no need for great knowledge, but only the diligence, the ability to think rationally and to verify the supporting documents and a systematic procedure. Over time you will gain in addition to a detailed knowledge of the workings of this forum and a detailed preview on the functioning of the chosen area, you will find out how many resources which you have so far utterly believed, contain more or less fundamental errors and napomůžete to remedy them.

1.1.1. Registration on the forum - how do I start ?

The first step to getting involved in the work is the registration on the forum, because under this account you will continue to work. Registration is trivial, and only need to
- your name or nickname
- password
- a valid email address
and all of this stvrdíte the consent with the rules of the forum. In particular, the complete newbies we recommend to strictly stick to the rules, because of the degree of efforts to remedy any poor behaviour is always seen in the context of paid work, and if once with the first contribution must deal with offenses against the laws of the CZECH republic, and the like, so usually followed by blocking of the user. It is strict, but always we will stand for the correctness in the act and we will not waste any more time there, where we don't see the effort on the axle.

After entering the registration data Will arrive to the e-mail message, where is the need to verify the validity of the e-mail address and click on the link to activate your account, then it is possible to log in.

More info : Registration and first login

1.1.2. Basic orientation - as I know ?

After check-in you are on the home page and perhaps helpless passing through navigation. What does this all mean ? How is it structured ?
The general rule says that the "TOP SECTION", therefore, the main branches are arranged according to major themes. Therefore, the NEWS, WEAPONS, UNITS, PERSONALITIES, ... Under them it's divided either according to the content (especially the weapons), or by states and continents.

In a number of places you will meet with the division only by the states, as we know them now (Germany, Russia etc), elsewhere in the detailed division according to the state departments of the past (the Third reich, the Soviet union etc). This is because we really need a detailed division and department, for example, units that fought during the first and second world wars - it is a technically and morally completely differently built units with different objectives.

Topics are primarily pojmenovávána CZECH, in the subtitle then ENGLISH and in the ORIGINAL. This also has its reasons - this forum works in the area of the Czech and Slovak republic and therefore we prefer the names in our own languages, in addition, not everyone can azbuku, read font japanese or arab, and this server has a global scope, therefore we work in these languages.

In addition, in the main content often you will find years of existence of the from - to, for example, in units, for the bases and a range of other topics. It helps us to distinguish the recurring names (for example, twice or three times znovuvybudované division in the second world war, under the same name) and correctly classified. In addition, it allows to correctly refer (for example, we can correctly state the dislocation of the units on the bases according to the former names and not according to how the base is called now, which is a pretty major error of many publications and texts on the internet).

The structure of the forum is constantly developing and there, where in a certain section of the "piled" lack of topics, can be a new subsection as needed. Often, therefore you will encounter with this technique should be located in the section OTHER, and her names include třípísmenné keys such as DEU, USA, GBR and under. It is nothing else than the us selected code for each country (again, for those just existing and those already extinct), and makes it easy for the classification of the subject at the time of the emergence of a specialized sub-forums.

To navigate to the topic, therefore, you can use the bud of this tree hierarchy, and click through are so up to the required contents of, or use search or any of the news reports on this forum.

More info : Orientation on the forum

1.1.3. Kinds of contributions - what are the factual posts ?

In plain view on a specific topic, or on the news reports, you will certainly notice the division of the contributions according to the colors, simply put on the BLUE and GREEN. This division is the basic building block of this forum and allows us to "mix" the contents of the "permanent" from the content of the temporary / discussion of the character.

BLUE posts we call posts FAKTOGRAFICKÝMI. They are FACTS, proven resources, these are the posts that would have to remain permanently, to develop and complement. This is the main contents of this web site. It is something that we should be able to put your hand into the fire. The basic distinction here is fallen, is RESOURCES. We are not wikipedia, we do not have quoted every word, but the key points of each factual contribution must be verifiable. Bud in the book, or need a custom experience, calculation, measurement, etc Is perfectly fine, the sources diverge and you can choose one of them. Therefore but must be reproduced in order to someone next to encounter the contradiction that you said, aha, this is because they are based from that source. Or can gradually confirm that the given resource is a bug and we can fix it, and it is absolutely right and this is another of the working procedures here - the constant verification and cooperation in the performance of the subjects.

The GREEN posts are posts to the DISCUSSION. These are the QUESTIONS, DISCUSSIONS, comments, resources BASELESS POSTS and so on. Allow the debate to the topic, but always follow up after the factual. Some sections are only a discussion, while most of the other is factual. The addition of resources and other qualitative elements, we can elevate the discussion post on the background information provided.

Each embedded post passes through the wheel controls, and poorly classified posts are moderators redesignated.

1.1.4. Rules to enter - the general and specific

If we, therefore, find the right section, topic, we are confident that we have the resources and the supporting documents and we want to insert something, how to do it ? The first thing is to familiarize yourself with the RULES of THE SECTION. Why other rules ?

This forum is so extensive and so full of completely disparate topics that invent and incorporate it all into a single set of rules would mean to create something incredibly long, what one should not read Smile

So, there are some general rules (which you agree to when registering), and which are hard required, because of their violations may cause harm to the server externally. And then there are rules for each section. We have rules for individual sections of the Arms, for the Geographical section, for the Personality and all the other factual section. And what in these rules, you can usually find ?

In the section it belongs to. How to form the name of the topic. In what format, in what language etc What has to be the order of the posts in the topic (this can be changed even after the insertion of the post). What are the usual entry errors in the field. What to watch out for. And so on.

Compliance with these specific rules usually follow the moderators, and their failure usually causes only confusion and přidělává the work of all of us. Which is totally unnecessary Smile

1.1.5. Workflow - how it actually works ?

1.1.6. Resources - where do I draw the information ?

1.1.7. The field - what do I actually do ?

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#513749 Version : 10000

1.2. Writing articles

1.2.1. Registration on the forum - how do I start ?

The first step to engaging in writing articles is to register on the forum, because under this account, you will continue to work. Registration is trivial and you only need
- your name or nickname
- password
- a valid email address
and all you confirm the consent with the rules of the forum. In particular, a complete novice we recommend that you strictly stick to the rules, because the rate of attempts to remedy any transgressions is always perceived in the context of the work done, and if now with the first contribution must address the transgressions against the laws of the CZECH republic and the like, usually followed by blocking the user. It's strict, but always standing up for correctness in the demeanor and don't waste my time there, where we don't see efforts to remedy the.

After entering the registration data You will arrive the e-mail message, where is the need to verify the validity of the e-mail address and clicking on the link to activate your account, then it is possible to sign up.

More info : Registration and first login

1.2.2. The rules of loading - general and specific

For writing and pasting articles there are written and unwritten rules. The unspoken are particularly relevant to this, what kind of article we consider. In short, the article is a separate text unit of at least one A4 side of text with the specified source, which has a head and the heel. Nobody will be telling you about what you write, or what kind of point of view - it's purely up to you, how your text you take, and whether you will such as to defend or on the contrary oppose the war in Iraq of 2003, if you retain the above. Not this load of crap, a variety of fiction and conjecture. Build on facts, on evidence, verifikujte from multiple sources independent (for example, the Wikipedia in that language are NOT independent sources and Wikipedia at all take it as a guide only, these inaccuracies there is so much that it takes a lot to verify !). Of course, even here the rule not to steal-do not copy someone else's work, whether text or photo, only with the permission of the original author and with appropriate citations of sources !

Specific rules apply to the formatting - the appearance of the article. In the editor for pasting on them the link - https://www.valka.cz/topic/view/70767/ and it's good to stick with them. Of course, if you can't, just, when the article you write in Word or another text editor, and either directly copy to the editor, or you can send it via mail havelka@valka.cz and we will arrange for its insertion.

In general - do what you feel good, or you want to learn, don't waste your time there where you are and leave it to the other members of this forum who are happy to help.

1.2.3. Workflow - how it all actually works ?

  • registration on forums, as described above
  • login on your forum
  • in the top menu click on the USER - MY PROFILE, in the profile is, inter alia, even a button to INSERT a NEW ARTICLE
  • paste the title, abstract / lede and the text of the article. Lead only appears on the home page www.valka.cz as a brief label of the article, select a few sentences to briefly summarise the article or attracted to its content Smile the Lede is not repeated in the article, so if you want to use the first paragraph of the article, is the need to repeat it in the body of the article.
  • don't try to make the whole job done at once, the article kept keep. If the article is new, saved, and then to him again you get by clicking on your profile (see. above) and there you should see your saved and semi-finished articles.
  • if there is a complete article, from your point of view ready for publication, it is needed again in your profile for a given article, click on the orange iconku gear icon and choose SEND FOR APPROVAL. The moment he knows our editorial board that the article has a look and prepare it for publication.
  • the editorial board will pass the article after the content page, perform the proofreading of the grammar (for the Czech language, the Slovak language so far, proofreader there is), or adjust the visual aspect of the article, and if everything is in order, set the article for publication.
  • articles shall be published always in the night from Saturday to Sunday, in the number of about ten articles per week. Your new article will be included in the moment he gets from all the colleagues of the "green light", then it will be after the grammatical, visual and practical page ready. At the same time, account will be taken of the other articles to us in one week didn't work out ten resumes, but to make it a bit more varied, we try to do different stuff to mix and also take account of the various anniversaries and current events. It may therefore happen that your article will be published during the following weeks after sending.
  • if the article is not something wrong, you can usually get a private message here on the forum from any of the members of the editorial board with instructions on what to article adjust if necessary.
  • the article is not zamrazen in time, you can of course finish getting ready, replenish, fix bugs, etc., favorite articles can be on home page www.valka.cz after a time, return, etc. the Published article has its own permanent URL (link) and this we are trying to keep even with all the updates and transformations of our website, so if the article was available at some address 12 years ago, will be on her available even today Smile
  • The publication of the article, therefore, you give permission the website valka.cz to its publication and permanent preservation and publication. Subsequent requests to download the article unfortunately we can't accommodate from a number of technical reasons, our site is regularly archived by the National library and others, so as soon as we article appears, it cannot be put without a trace to remove. On the other hand, not nelimitujeme the authors of that article published here did not use even in a different medium - the author always remains the owner of the copyright to the article and himself decides on his next publication in other media. Valka.cz he never gives permission to reprint here the published articles without the agreement of their author.

1.2.4. Resources - where do I draw the information ?

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#523918 Version : 10000

1.3. Moderation, editing, linking

1.3.1. Forum - how do I start ?

Please refer to section 1. this article, therefore, registration on the forum, a brief technical presentation, a basic orientation. These points are common for this section.

As already mentioned in section 1.1.3. every post is a certain way moderován. Each section of this forum has, or should have, its moderator, or moderators, who on the sections they oversee.

The presenter is not the person omniscient, but it's at least a person interested in a given area, there is no condition of absolute knowledge of the issues (for example, tanks), but a certain orientation in the field would be appropriate.

The presenter has available a number of tools that allow him to presenter jobs, such as :
- a list of all the nezmoderovaných contribution in "his" section (sections)
- ability to edit foreign posts
- ability to archive and delete posts and topics
- ability to split and merge topics
- possibility to move topics to other section
- possibility to change the order of the post in the topic
- option to change the flag post FAKTOGRAFICKÝ / DISCUSSION

With the help of these tools we try to keep topics clear, in a certain structure (first post in faktografickém topic - table with the data, the second contribution of the text, the third post images ...).

In addition to the sorting and cleaning of the contributions in the topic is an important part of the presentational work and work with other users, their support, help with the controls and loading, proofreading and input on the basis of e-mail or other communications and prolinkování texts and contributions.

Although these works rank among the "presentational", we need a number of helpers who may not be Moderators in the full sense of the word, i.e. to be in charge of a section with all the trimmings, but will help in prolinkovávání texts, transferring older posts to the new tables, and so on. Work in this area is really a lot and so another extra hand is always handy.

Typical areas of work :
- someone writes the text. Is needed to drive and create links ("link") on all the units, personalities, cities, weapons, etc. This creates a link to other topics.
- cooperation on tabulkování units. We have available a comprehensive source of data directly here in the forum, which we can convert into tables for units and once again you prolinkovat among themselves. In addition, establish a base, airport and other places of dislocations, subsequently, again passing through the unit and added to the newly created information.
- grammar checking texts embedded into the forum
- adding other information (like coordinates for cities and bases, the user states to weapons, etc.)
- sorting and classifying pictures of the events (see the following section 1.4 Photo & video) on the topics of weapons, detailed descriptions, attachments, etc.
- ...

1.3.2. Workflow - how it all actually works ?

The first step is of course registering on the forum and a specific "body check" navigation, control, and loading posts.
The next step is to login with (voluntarily Very Happy) the activities of editing / presentational. Write me a private message along with that, if you really want to fully moderated, or if you just want to help in some of the above outlined areas.
According to this, you assign the permissions and arrange the working procedure for the region..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#523919 Version : 10000

1.4. Photo and video

Image and video material dominates the current internet, and not in vain it is said that one picture is better than thousand words Very Happy

Many of us spend our vacations and various trips around military equipment, weapons, fortresses, but traveling through the historical cities and landmarks all over the world.

We are interested in the photos, both current and historical, basically all around
- military equipment, weapons, ammunition
- images of aviation technology of Czechoslovakia and the Czech republic to our database of individual aircraft
- soldiers
- wars, battles, battlefields
- military cemeteries
- cities and towns, important landmarks, monuments, churches etc.
- castles and palaces outside of the CZECH republic
- military bases, barracks (pay attention to the valid legislation of the country !!!)
- museums with military-historical themes
- "walkaroundy" any military equipment
- air days, tank days, renactmentu and combat demonstrations, etc.

In addition, we welcome and videos of various events, for example
- the days of the army, tank days, airshows, etc.
- demonstrations of techniques
- videos capturing the environment, the landscape and the surrounding battlefields, military cemeteries, etc.
- any historical video materials

Photos can be vkládát directly to the forum as attachments (in the case of individual photos), or to the photo gallery (in the case of larger and more numerous units), videos can be uploaded either to our gallery, videoportálu or on youtube and insert as a special marker.

If you have such material, please do not hesitate to contact me via private message, we agreed on the most appropriate form of insert..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#523927 Version : 10000

1.5. The map data and work with the editor map

Another specific chapter of our work is the creation of the map data and the silting of the "geo" information on the map.

This procedure is to some extent specific. Combines fact known map of the environment (which we know e.g. from www.mapy.cz or maps.google.cz ) with the information available on this forum, therefore, information about units, their dislokacích, barracks and military bases, fortifications, etc. And it all still depending on time. Therefore, the deployment unit is variable in time, especially in time of war, as the unit progresses through space fighting, attacking and retreating, coming back to rest or rebuilding, etc. of the Fortress are in the time built, defended and being mined, destroyed, etc. On the map in addition to these elements, we also other information, such as the waveforms of the queue, the set targets of attack, sectors, and boundaries, directions of attack and procedure units, and many other additional information.

If you want to engage in this work, we have available a web interface for working with maps, all built on the application Geoserver - environment is not much different from the classic maps for example maps.google.com or the Google Earth application. More experienced users can be involved in the creation of styles, the development of new functions and administration of the entire environment.

Again, in the case of interest, just register here on the forum (see section 1.1.1) and contact me via private message..
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#523933 Version : 10000

1.6. Programming and development

This part is quite specific - throughout its history was the server valka.cz developed and built only by me, with the help of a number of libraries and scripts, mainly PHP and JavaScript / jQuery.

Currently we use the version of the forum, which uses the MVC platform PhalconPHP, so it is about staying in PHP and mySQL, to do this again jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap 3. Does not create a specific mobile version, the design should be flexible enough to display on the monitors and screens of tablets and phones.

The linked implementation of a geographic information system, which should share part of the data with the forum, and present the results in a classic HTML form. We use Geoserver (JAVA) and the PostGIS database.

And beyond this is considering the implementation of the Neo4J graphical database for searches using links between items, which is so far implemented parsováním text contributions according to the templates. The possibilities of the whole platform are significantly more extensive than what is enough time, even from so help.

If you want to engage in thinking and implementing new features of the server valka.cz, send me a brief introduction of yourself to the address havelka@valka.cz.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Hledame-spolupracovniky-t171231#513748 Version : 10000

3.1. Traffic

Even something as simple as regular traffic to our site, helping us. We know that we have readers who of our work are watching, read the articles, we don't do that unnecessarily. Based on traffic to sell advertising and we're getting the resources for another operation. Just the fact that our website regularly you visit, you can help us !

3.2. Sharing

Who currently does not have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other of the countless social networking sites, such as would not. Let's leave aside the reasons why the events on the social networks involved, but if you are among those who have a social profile, you can help - just "liking" each page on the war.cz that you like, which you are now reading, and which need to captivate even one of your friends and acquaintances on this or that social network. Share interesting information and add the URL of our website, let visitors can read the entire article or post on the forum. Pin on Pinterest with our images. Tweet our links. Or join our groups on Facebook


follow our Twitter


and just be in the know Smile.
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