Horch 108 / Horch 1a (těžky teréní osobní automobil)

produced: 1939 - 1943 (?)
bodywork: open type Kfz.70 and another version including a special for senior commanders and cabinet
engine: v-type four-stroke eight on the content 3823 cm3 and the capacity of 81 pieces (the older version had a content of 3500 cm3 ) of company Ford which cars produced under license using its own V8 engine (the contents of the 3600 cm3)
length: 4 850 mm
width: 2 000 mm
height: 2 040 mm
wheelbase: 3000 mm
diameter : 250 mm
transmission: 5 speed forward and reverse
brakes: hydraulic on all wheels
wheel drive: 4x4 drive (permanent drive)
weight: 2300 kg
useful load : 2000 kg
max. speed: 90 km/h
fuel tank: 120 l

The automobile originated in the so-called single (einheits) chassis and was produced for the WH that he was being used to transport smaller units (in the strength of the cooperatives), and according to the type of body to lift to be anti-aircraft kanonú Flak 38 (20 mm) spojovým activities, and the like. there were even a version with a closed box body (ambulance, radio ..)
A similar chassis but with the engine in the back was used for armored cars series Sd.Kfz.221/222/223
The cars were quite popular for its high průchodivost, but the chassis was relatively complex and the car was later replaced by other types (e.g. Steyr 1500)

Source : encyclopedia of historical military vehicles, the author Bart Vanderveen, published by Ivo Železný ISBN 80-240-0805-X.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Horch-108-Horch-1a-tezky-tereni-osobni-automobil-t65358#232575 Version : 0

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fotka na vůz zepředu
fotka je moje a foceno je to v "Auto-technik" muzeu v Sinsheimu
Horch 108 / Horch 1a (těžky teréní osobní automobil) -

URL : https://www.valka.cz/Horch-108-Horch-1a-tezky-tereni-osobni-automobil-t65358#232580 Version : 0
On the net I came across another TTD which may add to the original :
engine :
drilling : 78 mm
stroke : 100 mm
compression ratio : 6,1:1
lubrication pressure, cooling water, battery ignition (battery 12 V, 75 Ah)
carburettors : 2 x SOLEX 30 BFH
dynamo : Bosh 130, 300 or 600 W
starter 1.8 k
clutch single disc, dry
transmission :
gear ratios :
field of 10.9
Also. 6,28
II. 4,20
III. 2,46
IV. 1,48
tire : 210 – 18 field
suspension : coil springs
the track width front and rear the same : 1 646 mm,
wading : to 500 mm
service charges :
the content of the engine oil : 8 l
the content of the cooling media : 23 l
the contents of the fuel tank : 55 + 65 = 120 l
consumption on the road 32 l/100 km
consumption in field 42 l/100 km
source : www.netlabor.hu.
URL : https://www.valka.cz/Horch-108-Horch-1a-tezky-tereni-osobni-automobil-t65358#232598 Version : 0
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